The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 25)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!

Modelling Versus Housework

Yesterday morning She Who Must Be Obeyed left me!

I should qualify that statement.  She left to look after her sister in Edinburgh who is very poorly following major hospital surgery.  She will be gone for the best part of two weeks.  Her parting comment was “you know where everything is”.  This is undeniable.  I know where the cooker, microwave, washing machine, tumble dryer, vacuum cleaner, iron, dish washer, etc. are but do I know how to use them?  Do I fuck.

So now I have a dilemma.

If I do all this stuff I will have less time for modelling.  Furthermore, if I show myself to be too resourceful I’ll be expected to do more upon her return to the love coop which will also lead to less time for modelling!

So what is to be done?

Well some of these things are easily got round.  The local village pub serves excellent food and Robert the landlord will be happy for my company on the quiet mid-week evenings.  On a personal front I have enough socks, pants and shirts to see me through.  Other matters require greater consideration.

The daughter could begin to pull her weight domestically.  If she is old enough to fraternize with a 16-year-old lad from Rugby (see last week’s Musings) she can bloody well do her own washing and ironing!  The son has plans to spend more time at his girlfriend’s so nothing to worry about there.

That leaves me with only some other washing to deal with and of course house cleaning.  As I see it the options are:

  1. Get the daughter to do it? (A little unfair as she is seriously studying for GCSE’s)
  2. Get my mum over?  (She’s 87, has a dodgy hip and is riddled with arthritis but is a game old girl and wants to feel useful but can’t drive so I’d have to collect her)
  3. Do it myself?  (Analytically this is an option but seriously?)
  4. Leave it until SWMBO gets back?

Well I’m sure you will agree with me that the only possible solution is number 4.  If for no other reason than it will teach her to go off and leave me in future.  A daring strategy for sure.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


Colour Wheels

While I was bobbing along on the crest of a wave one day on holiday and enjoying my fourth cocktail at two thirty in the afternoon I found myself thinking about Colour Wheels. Some, She Who Must Be Obeyed for example, would claim such thoughts were the psychedelic effects of alcohol. I on the other hand claim the inspiration for such a musing was the cosmic result of seeing a rainbow appear over the yard-arm. I’ll let you determine the truth.

Now I can’t remember when I first learned of the existence of colour wheels but I’d hazard a guess and say it was back in the late 80’s, most probably care of Military Modelling Magazine and an article it might have contained. I thought it made for a sensible purchase and so bought one at a local art shop. I’ve had it ever since and do find myself referring to it from time to time.

From an early age I was very much aware of the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow and knew that from these colours all other colours, with the exception of black and white, could be mixed. I’m not sure how I came by this basic knowledge, I presume school, as I cannot think where else, unless it was something my parents or older brother may have passed on to me. I also knew the combinations needed to create secondary colours as well as combinations of three or more to create colours such as brown. The colour wheel served to confirm all this and act as a reminder in the event I should ever forget.

In addition the colour wheel also provided me with the terminology of “tint” and “shade” by simply adding white or black respectively, something I was doing naturally but without knowing there was a name for it. What I didn’t know about at that time was complimentary colours and, more significantly there use in shading and highlighting.

Now a basic colour wheel can be made up of any blue, red or yellow that you happen to have at your disposal. From these three colours can be derived purple (blue/red), orange (red/yellow) and green (blue/yellow). At the risk of stating the obvious the secondary colours will vary based on the ratio of, say, red to yellow and will vary again if you add black or white. In any event, once the secondary colours have been mixed the complimentary colour to Blue is Orange, to Red it is Green and to Yellow it is Purple.

Now I’m generalizing I know but I suspect many of us when we are shading and highlighting our figures do so with lighter or darker versions of the same colour but here is the thing, you could use the complimentary colour instead. This is not something I’ve done a lot of but when I have the results have been very pleasing to my eye. Which leaves me wondering all the more why I have not used the complimentary colour far more often.  So much so that I intend to go down this route more at some point in the future to gauge the results.

So now I’m wondering – how many of you use complimentary colours for shading and highlighting or is my suspicion that we all mostly use lighter or darker versions of the same colour, mixed or simply from another bottle, justified?


Until next time.


31 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 25)

  1. I do use the colour wheel to ‘design’ colour schemes, and have also heard about shading with complimentary colours, (from Azazel I think), but I haven’t really tested the theory much other than using a bit of purple shading on gold… I don’t know how much of a difference it would make on a 28mm figure painted to ‘tabletop standard’, but I would certainly consider experimenting on a big model or a bust!

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    1. Ah, I can drop my Part 2 right in here. Yeah, I highlight and/or shade with complimentary colours when it fits or “feels” right. So often on non(normal)human models like zombies or weird monsters where a purple or blue shade will work on a orangey or yellowish “caucasian flesh” toned base. Likewise, using a ruddy flesh tone as a highlight or tonal shift on a model that’s predominantly green-skinned can give a nice effect.
      Even on “proper” human models of white guys, a touch of blue or purple around the eyes, a bit of red on the nose or cheeks can give a hyper-realistic effect. I say hyper-realistic, because while it’s not completely unnatural – especially for a really pale complexion or those people with almost translucent skin, doing so on a 28mm model still comes across as that same form of exaggeration that we accept from putting in the pupils on models that we can see on the model for a much longer physical distance (relatively) than a real person.
      I hope that makes sense.
      I’m tired.
      And I just finished my bowl of muesli for dinner.

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      1. Ah, good point – I do use blues & purples on caucasian skin, but I hadn’t thought of that in this context… Also, muesli for dinner?? Rock’n’roll dude! 🙂

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  2. Part 1.
    Hm… do you fuck? I guess there’s at least circumstantial evidence that you have at least twice, though I guess it might also depend on your local area’s milk and newspaper deliveries.

    Washer/Dryer? Shit, even *I* can do that. Yes, there’s a cheat sheet above the washing machine so I don’t forget, and yes, there was that time earlier this year that the house got flooded, but that was due to a burst hose and not my fault at all. No dryer here, though, so it’s a line and pegs. But yeah, even I can do that, and I’m almost useless.

    Vacuum? I *can* do that, but don’t. Mostly because I’m lazy rather than incompetent, but I hide it well by always being busy doing something much more important. I used to do my brothers’ house regularly when I would stay over as a teenager, but that was a long time ago.

    Cooking? Would you like toasted ham cheese and tomato sandwiches, toasted bacon and cheese sandwiches, vegemite on toast, toasted cheese sandwiches, fried eggs with toast, 2-minute noodles/instant ramen, or any of several flavours of cup-a-soup? Bowl of Oats and muesli and nuts and whatever else is in the pack?
    I can do a lot better than that, but reference the vacuum situation there. Also, Marouda is a MUCH better cook than I am.
    You seem to have a lot of meals sorted, but for others, I strongly recommend toast and a packet of healthy cereal.

    Dish Washing afterwards? I used to do it regularly, but now we have a dishwasher, which was a problem since she always wanted one, but the house we bought simply could not fit one in the kitchen. I figured out a solution, and the deal was that if I could figure out a workaround, I’d never ever have to do the dishes again. Or even load or unload the dishwasher. I occasionally load or unload anyway.

    The real solution there though – is to MAN UP and use the MAN solution. One Glass. One Mug. One Plate. One Fork. One Knife. One Spoon. One Bowl. (Also, one pot, one frypan, etc). Wash the fucking thing (or things) as soon as you use them. Takes 20 seconds-2 minutes at most. A pile of dishes never becomes a thing.

    Tell the offspring to do the same because you’re not washing their (single) plate.

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    1. I think there is a balance thing at play here for me. I’m more than capable but if I do too good a job I can see SWMBO expecting me to do more when she gets back. We made an agreement years back when she packed up work to look after the kids that I would be maintenance and she would be domestic. Has worked neatly for years so not really keen to change things. What I need is a cunning plan which is something I am working on. Good on you though because I’d forgotten about the toaster! The good news is we have over 14 plates in the house along with a similar number of other appropriate items so I’m in the position to Man Up whilst not having to wash up which might prove a handy alternative.

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  3. I vaguely remember one or more of my art teachers banging on about colour wheels. Much like my music lessons at school I ignored theory and just got behind the drum kit and cut my own path. Same went for art. Same goes for the hobby although I do learn from you lot.

    As for the departure of TLSW (The Long Suffering Wife) do what I do. Only use disposable plates, wash everything (clothes and the house) a few days before she returns, welcome her home with flowers and a gift. BOOM she comes home to a nice clean home and a romantic considerate husband. Meanwhile you’ve spent 12 of the 14 days at the pub and playing with your little men.

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  4. I use a colour wheel type thing for complimentary colours. When I painted up my vampire in a ball gown I used it to decide on the colour of the trim.
    As fir housework it reminds me of the Joke…
    Since my wife left I have got a tattoo, spent £10000 on a motorbike another thousand on loose women and booze. She is going to go ape-shit when she comes back from her sister’s

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  5. Sorry to hear about your sister in law mate, never good ,as the Old girl and I will be in Edinburgh at the same time ( 1st on the tour ) I will readily know that you have opted for No 4 when I pause on the ramparts of the castle and say ,Jill did you hear that ?,to which she replies yes it sounded like someone screamed ,He has done WHAT !. I wonder what that’s about ,to which I reply ,I think apprentice SWMBO has just phoned through and told senior SWMBO about option no.4 . Good luck mate ,not the one I would have chosen ,but we will wait and see if your wisdom shines through .

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    1. Cut short by the phone typing…I’m definitely in favor of teaching the teen how to do dishes at the very least. I took care of myself, plus babysat neighbor kids when I was 11 freakin years old. I wasn’t always super happy about all the work I had to do as a kid, but it made me way more prepared than a number of people.

      Color wheels. Yep, took art classes. Being a comic geek, and coloring our own superheroes, I quickly learned about complimentary and contrasting colors, before I knew of the terms. As for using it, somewhat. Does an air-brained job of shading green with orange count, though? If so, yay for my avatar! 😉

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      1. Yea, it’s the same way with our teen. Sometimes I feel bad, as he has so much extracurricular stuff to do. I didn’t have as much of that when I was a kid, because my Mom just didn’t have the money for it. I had a lot more responsibility, but probably more free time overall.

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