The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 42)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!


Charlie Foxtrot

As some of you will have seen, just before Christmas I completed a WW2 diorama which I called “Operation Overlord” (link below).

The buildings I used in this model were all from a company called Charlie Foxtrot Models albeit with some customization on my part.  The buildings themselves are of a high quality and I would recommend them to anyone.  Having completed the model I thought I would email a couple of photos to Colin at Charlie Foxtrot and let him know how pleased I was with his kits.  Let’s face it we all like good feedback and I thought Colin would be no different so with it being the season of goodwill to all men I thought I would pass on my thanks to him.

I didn’t anticipate a reply but to my surprise he came back and said he was impressed with what I had done.  More than that he asked if he could put the images up on his Facebook page in the lead up to Christmas.  I was happy to agree that he could but if I’m being honest thought he was being polite and that would be the end of the matter.

Good to his word Colin did put up the photos, along with a few kind words, just before Christmas as he said he would.  It made me feel like an author getting his first book published.  I was chuffed!


Carry On Carrying On?

Over Christmas one of the TV channels, I can’t remember which one, aired a few of old Carry On films.  I’m not sure how well known these films are outside of a certain age group or outside of the UK either for that matter.  The humor is mostly built around the English language and the use of the “double entendre”.  Although dated the humor is nonetheless what I was brought up on and to this day I love the adaptability of the English language and the ability it has for word play.

Another outlet for this type of humor, again turning the clock back to when I was a kid, were saucy seaside postcards produced by Bamforth.  These were, and still are to my mind, very funny.  They also played a significant part in my sex education and must have caused my dad much embarrassment when he was asked to explain what some of them meant!

Needless to say there is now a down side to this humor in today’s world.  Only yesterday I read an article on the BBC website about sexual harassment in the work place, it included a quiz to help determine your understanding of what is and what isn’t acceptable in this day and age.  I didn’t do very well!  I’ll go one step further, if I was still working in an office environment I would probably be hung, drawn and quartered.  Goodness only knows how kids flirt these days!  With internet dating I guess they don’t.

These days not only do we have to be more careful about what we say but we also have to be aware of where we are saying it.  For example, “Have you ever had a PC go down on you?” is an innocent enough question in an IT environment but said inside a police station it could be misconstrued.  Personally I’d find it funny but others might take offense.  Similarly, “Wow, that’s a lovely figure can I hold it?” is not an unreasonable request said to someone at the Plymouth Modelling Club but could well upset someone in an office environment.

It gets trickier though when the words are potentially innocent and said in the correct environment, for example “Those are lovely looking melons” is fine when you are in the supermarket fruit and veg aisle but heaven help you if you happen to be standing next to a large breasted female at the time you say it!  Here’s another example …

Image result for seaside postcards

Now I appreciate in the examples I have given the female of the species is at the butt of the joke and as such there are those delicate soles who would be most offended.  There is however an alternative, join in!  If, as she is inclined to do, She Who Must Be Obeyed happened to say while I was doing some DIY – “That’s a hell of a big tool you’ve got in your hand!” I’d be quite pleased.

It’s often inferred that this type of humor was one way traffic.  Some people tend to forget that men were “victims” of this humor too.

Image result for seaside postcards

Image result for seaside postcards

Having worked part time in a Pharmacy I’ve dispensed numerous prescriptions to men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.  I’ve never met one who didn’t see the funny side of the situation or had a Viagra joke to tell.  In fact it’s taking Viagra with a glass of water which gives us British guys our stiff upper lip!


This week TIM has been listening to …

Heroes by David Bowie.

Now the problem with an icon, any icon is they are iconic.  To become an icon you need to have done a lot of great influential stuff which by definition means it is hard to select a single track (or film) from a comprehensive list of outstanding music.  So it is with Bowie.  I chose this one because even if you don’t like Bowie you can’t argue with the title.  Well you can but I wont be listening.

Probably an artist who is not every bodies cup of team but that’s music for you, it’s personal, no rights or wrongs just different opinions.

Expect to see me list more of his tracks in the future.


This week TIM has been watching … 

JFK’s Secret Killer: The Evidence

Now I’m sure I’m not alone in liking a good old mystery and one of the more fascinating and most popular is the Kennedy assassination.  Theories abound as to what actually happened and many of the things which simply did not add up were featured in the film JFK starring Kevin Costner.

Some years ago I saw this documentary on TV.  I stumbled upon it again recently on YouTube and thought I would share it.  For me this represents the most likely scenario of what actually did happen.  It provides a very realistic answer, backed up with evidence, which addresses the numerous anomalies of the Warren commission and also explains why there would have been a cover up.

Mystery solved as far as I am concerned but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from watching this fascinating investigation.


Until next time.


29 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 42)

  1. Awesome news on your rise to fame 😁. It was an awesome diorama though. I loved the Carry On films when I was a kid apart from Carry On Screaming – I wasn’t allowed to watch that because it was scary.. the double entendres were fine though! Still my favourite has to be carry on up the Khyber… One of the best lines they got away with ‘You Fakir off!’
    As for Viagra… swallow it with water quickly otherwise you get a stiff neck! I’ll get my coat! 🙄🙄🙄

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    1. The film’s had some great lines even if they were corny even then. I loved most of them but two which spring to mind were Carry On Cowboy and Carry On Camping. The latter may have had a lot to do with a young Barbara Windsor doing some stretching exercises! 😊

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  2. Hehe you make me laugh. Not sure if you’re a Steptoe and Son fan but… “you dirty, dirty old man” comes to mind haha.

    I’ve learnt (it took a long time mind) humour is about choosing the right audience. I’m notorious for putting my foot in it for making the wrong joke at the wrong time or just saying the wrong thing. A big part of me thinks screw em they should know I’m joking but as I’ve got older and a little wiser I can understand why not everyone finds everything I say as comedy genius haha. See with you I know I could joke about everything and anything because I’ve got to know you and have learnt you can take a joke and you can make jokes.
    I find younger people (wow I sound old) today don’t get my jokes. Just the other day we had lunch and beers at a brewery and the lovely waitress said “just to let you guys know there’s no Guinness available today.”
    I stood up and said “right we are leaving dammit”. She looked at me Gob smacked and thought I was serious. Then there was an awkward moment as I sat back down and said I was just joking and even then she didn’t even smile. The GOOD thing was that my wife thought the whole transaction was very funny haha. She gets me.

    Well done getting your diorama published 😉 Well deserved.

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    1. Steptoe and son, now that is turning the clock back! I’ve always accepted that not every one shares the same sense of humor, like a lot of things it’s personal. Judging what is acceptable is always easier when you know someone and face to face is far better than the written word. I’ve always said to my kids, often it’s not what you say but how you say it. Generally I’ve never had a problem but it does bother me how complicated we are making todays world for our kids let alone the likes of me as I grow older. It’s one rule after another and you daren’t say anything for fear of upsetting someone. Well bollocks to that, I’ve never played by the rules and I’m not staring now! One day you might get to see me in action. 😉

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      1. I hear ya mate. My approach to life in general is take me as I am or don’t. Political correctness has definitely gone mad throughout the world but I still feel that the majority of people like a laugh. It’s never my intention to upset anyone but if they do get upset by something I say they’re probably not my type of people anyway so no loss haha.

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      2. I’m getting old mate and grumpier with it. Right now I love being grumpy but the time will come when the world I am living in is far too removed from the world I liked and loved. When that time comes it wil be time to stop the world to let me get off. A lot of people die through I’ll health and misfortune but I think the majority just reach a point when they can’t be arsed anymore.

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      3. Haha what a lovely thought. As much as I wind my kids up by saying I’m going to live as long as I can so they can change my nappys and feed me porridge I think I’d take a long walk off a short pier before it came to that hehe. Wow, this just got a whole lot darker, what happened to the carry on films and you getting charged for indecsent jokes in the office???

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  3. Hey, congratulations for the shout-out. I think you’ll hopefully get some sort of feature at the show later this year for that particular piece – amazing as it is!

    I think like everything, there’s a need for balance. Some of the stuff that’s been accepted in the past really was out of place, and you had many situations where people felt powerless to say anything about it.

    While it’s fine to say “you should have said something/stood up for yourself”, lots of people aren’t in a position where they can tell their boss (or whoever) to fuck off and just find a new job to support their families that afternoon – and it’s irresponsible to think that could even be an option. “Sorry honey, I got fired today because I said something to the dickhead at work, so we’ll just have to rely on our parents to borrow money for rent and eat scraps.”

    At the same time, people today are much more sensitive and easily offended, and social media (especially) helps to create echo chambers where they can tut all day at whoever or whatever has offended their delicate sensibilities.

    Obviously, the best route is a more nuanced and balanced one.

    There’s also cultural issues at play. Europe and the UK have been much more relaxed about sex and issues of sexuality (Victorian jokes aside) than the US. So things like innuendo have a long British tradition that we also see in places like ANZ, but a lot of that is being eroded these days – again due to the huge influx of social media and American cultural norms being so strong.

    Another really important thing to note is that while people are in control to an extent of what they’re offended by, “I was just joking” isn’t a catch-all excuse for being a dick (or a dickhead). You can’t just say any old fuckstupid thing that comes into your brain and put it all on other people if they get offended. – Again, it’s finding that balance between “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke” and being a complete fucking buffoon with no filter or care about how what you say effects other people.

    Context also matters here – You go and see Jimmy Carr or Frankie Boyle or Ricky Gervais – you (should) know what you’re in for. Some rando in the street or online saying many of the same things? Maybe not quite the same…

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    1. Rarely is it my intention to offend someone and when I deliberately go out of my way to do so it would only be because I had been offended first. I think that is normal. That said, like everyone, some of my humour or indeed views on anything can be offensive to others. I get that but by assessing the individual, the group, the place and any other appropriate filters I typically avoid offending people, something I’ve managed to do through out my life rather than in just recent years when things have changed a great deal.

      Younger people, although this might be too much of a generalisation, are much more sensitive today in my opinion, my own kids included and I think social media has had a part to play in this. Cultural differences as well, particulalry with so much integration.

      One of the key things about being British is our freedom of speech. That doesn’t give us the right to offend but it does give us the right to enter into reasoned debate. Unfortunately this is becoming a thing of the past. We no longer seem to be able to freely discuss issues, for example race or sex, without upsetting someone and being expected to apologise or shut up. This “I” find offensive. Some people need to grow a pair.

      Every generation is judged with hindsight, something every current generation would do well to remember. One day they to will be judged.

      Its great that we have moved on a great deal when it comes to race and equality when I look back on my youthful world but some things we would do well to hang on to as well.

      As you rightly say it’s about balance, something I “tried” to convey in my article. Most people think the saucy humor was directed towards women only. It wasn’t but it’s convenient to rember it that way.

      You can’t rewrite history (unless you make films in Hollywood) but you can learn from it.

      As for Gervais, Carr and Boyle I have been fortunate enough to see all of them live and of course on TV. All funny but Gervais is by far the best as far as I’m concerned.

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      1. Oh, I wasn’t having a go at you, mate – moreso it was a rant against the backlash against the (overly) PC attitude that has started to come in. Unfortunately, the extremes of the overly-offended crowd engender an equally-extreme reaction from not just “the other side”, but people who are much more in the middle, and you end up with a polarisation with idiots on each extreme, but also people who would have probably been much more reasoned (especially online) taking up in the corners with the more extreme elements. And unfortunately we’re seeing many more take up those extremes these days, it seems…

        It’s funny. At work, there are three of us who work very closely in one section (separate from my IT role where I am supreme pizza) my team leader and I are pretty close. She’s approaching 60 (baby boomer), and I’m in my 40’s (Gen-X). We sometimes note to each other how our other co-worker, who is from is a decade or so younger than me (Gen Y) is so much more politically correct than we are – and while she’s also great, we have to be a little careful what we say, or how we say things – around her. So it’s definitely a generational thing as well – which ties in closely with social media.

        The thing is that Political Correctness (such a stupid term) has become something that’s more of an arguing point, when it should just be about not being a dick to people even in situations where it won’t get you beaten up and having some consideration to the people around you.

        One of the things about cultural integration/multiculturalism that always (wryly) amuses is me is how we in the West are the ones who need to be sensitive to everyone else, while it’s (apparently) perfectly acceptable for people with other cultural backgrounds to be as bigoted, sexist, or whatever-ist as they like – whether they’re living in a Western country or in the countries where those cultures originate from. Makes for some interesting ideological bedfellows, that’s for sure.

        I mean, I’m sure that last paragraph alone – to some people at least – makes me a “racist bigot” to some people. To me, that’s a good time to bust out the “fuck ’em.”

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      2. Relax mate I never had you down as having a go. In fact it’s really refreshing being able to discuss such matters with someone who puts forward intelligent comments. Apologies if I came across in anyway that made you think I did.

        I’m sure it’s an age thing on my part, that or simply having more time on my hands, but these days I find so many things wind me up. None more so the the PC brigade. I struggle to bottle my views up any more, the blog gives me an outlet but I think I need to create another one and keep this solely for modelling related stuff.

        Another hot topic in the UK is Brexit. I’ve never heard so much bollocks but I won’t subject you or anyone on this blog to my rantings. If you want to see me wound up though this is the subject to go for right now, Haha. 😊

        “Fuck ’em” – couldn’t have put it better myself!

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  4. Oh, and “are you being served” just made me cringe when I was young. Not because of the sexual innuendo, but because – what the hell IS this show? I think it being so visibly dated, even in the 80’s (and obviously not aimed at my age group) didn’t help.

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    1. Check out Love Thy Neighbour. At the time this was a great show with very high ratings in the UK. I think it’s fare to say it wouldn’t be acceptable to today’s audience. I’m glad this is something we have moved on from but as I said before, judging something with hindsight is easy, being big enough and receptive enough to judge ourselves in the present is a whole new ball game. I wonder what people will make of social media in a few years time and the need to share with others what you are eating for fucking breakfast?

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      1. I do remember that show. We used to watch it when I was a kid, and I remember enjoying it well enough – not amazing to my yound mind, but certainly very watchable. The main characters were “Snowflake” and “Nig-Nog”, from memory. Your post and discussion of Are You Being Served actually made me think of it earlier, but I’d forgotten what the show was called!
        Oh, and you should like this comic:

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  5. Love this post Dave ,great reading our other guys take on homer yester day today and as IMP mentions social media and how that will be seen in a few years . I am a bit like The IMP and tend to make dumb comments that I feel are funny but are generally just silly ! I have always taken a very dim view of racist so called humour and won’t except that at any time , the rest what ever ,but it has to be clever and well delivered as I find you do ,and yeah it is your blog so you can keep up your silly old English jokes and if we don’t like it we can just all be offended ,and then wait until your next blog and be offended again ,HAAAh . Funny the boys mentioned Love thy neighbour ,when I lived in London in the seventies a mate from Uganda and I watched it and ,yeah I felt it was a bit funny ,but he used to cry with laughter ,he thought it was so funny ,so yeah ,funny thing humour ,he seemed to think it was Eddie who one should have felt sorry for . F…. k ,enough I was just recovering from the set back on the castle and put in the realistic water ,but was distracted by the bloody wife gardening and it all pooled at one side and I have another disaster !!! ,got to go mate ,Cheers, you jolly old rascal you ! .

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    1. Sorry to hear about the realistic water issue. It’s tricky stuff but you will master it. I know some of my earlier attempts had the stuff running everywhere as it finds any hole to leak from.

      As you say humour is an odd thing. Rarely would I go out of my way to deliberately offend anyone but if people are offended then so be it.

      Back in the 70s there were very few coloured kids in my South West London school. They did get picked on but no more so than me with ginger hair, the fat kid and those who wore glasses. I’m not sure I would call it racist but the skin colour stood out as a key feature and just like the cartoonists do it was played upon because it was different. Ignorance was also a big part of the problem too. Not defending it, glad we moved on but when you look back you have to put it in the context of the day and not relate it to the world we live in now.

      I do find racism unacceptable, lots of other things too but when I was a kid we never used the worst swear words, never took drugs, respected the older generation and the police and didn’t slag our friends and family off for the world to see on the likes of Facebook. I don’t mind having my past judged but not by people who need to get their own house in order.

      As I said in another response, I’m curious to see how the time we now live in will be judged further along the road. I just need to live long enough to find out!

      Enough of the soap box rant mate, I’m just getting old and grumpy! Back to modelling!

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  6. Sorry Dave try as you may you have to realise that I’m about to turn 64 so I have a big edge on you in the GOM department ,hang on a bloody voice from the kitchen just said I’ve been that wat for years !! ,.Don’t change mate us oldies are not the only ones that are a bit pissed of with this offended crap so there is hope for sanity yet . My old mother said to me ,I now you have done a lot of things that have worried me in your life ,but please don’t be an old set in the clay stodge , and always listen to the young they are so much fun ! ,thank the gods you and I have not done that cobber .

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  7. Great post as usual, and I’m just trying to get caught up on my blogs with the job search and trying to get a massive hobby project done. Love Bowie, got to see him one time live. His music is unbelievably enduring. Like you, I am no fan of the PC crap. In many ways, it’s a ploy to control language so as to control debate. Our First Amendment protects all speech, including that which offend someone. Now as the saying goes it doesn’t protect you if you yell fire in a crowded theater, nor does it protect slander. Many are trying to take that away, and that must be fought. Though as you say, as we age, the generational differences are more obvious. My golf buddies are 76 and 86, and I’ve always enjoyed the older folks so that aspect missed me. But some in the younger crowd can at times (not always) be a challenge. Keep on musing Dave!

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    1. Like you I got to see Bowie live. Went with my brother to see him at Wembley arena many, many years ago. Ziggy Stardust was the period, also my favourite of his albums. PC correctness is a big bee in my bonnett as I’m sure you’ve guessed! Good luck with your job search, hope it’s going well. Can be hard work! All the best. 😊

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