Hereward The Wake – A 28mm Figure

I’m feeling a little bit pleased with myself.

I set myself the New Year task of completing a few figures which have sat unfinished for some time.  There’s a whole bunch of stuff I haven’t started (new, not so new and old) but there are one or two which I lost the love for part way through.  Dear old Hereward The Wake is one such figure but now he has been finished and as I say I’m pleased with myself for getting him done.  I’m not so pleased with the end result though as I think my lack of enthusiasm for the piece is reflected in it.  I have another SAGA type figure to do as well but that will feature as a separate post when it has been completed, hopefully next week.

The figure was purchased a while back and was one of four, two of which were completed back in March and May of last year.  Links below:

Not a great deal to say about the figures itself or the base either for that matter.  I had forgotten how good figures from Gripping Beast were though and at some point I will have to re-investigate their site.  For now though my interests lie elsewhere.

Pictures below.



19 thoughts on “Hereward The Wake – A 28mm Figure

  1. He looks great, except that he’s a ginger, so I’m apparently supposed to write something mean. Next month is Neglected models, so keep on smashing out these suckers – though I do want to see some shots of how you manage to store them all!

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  2. I think mullets and moustaches should come back into fashion! He looks like a young Chuck Norris hehe. All jokes aside I think you’re being too critical. He’s great mate. He looks like he’s ready for battle or to headbutt someone at the pub. Either way he’s bad arse!

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