28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 1)

A little while ago I purchased a few items from Hasslefree, female figures from their Fantasy Human range.  To be more specific I bought two each of six different figures.  The aim was to paint and keep one of each and try to sell the other on Ebay (more on that in the continuing story “TIM’s Ebay Adventure” in my Mid Week Musings Special).   In my opinion the figures are fantastic sculpts and true 28mm scale with everything suitably in proportion.  As much as I liked the figures the ones intended for my collection weren’t top of my to do list but that changed when I read about Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge.

As a consequence of “Fembruary” I’ve pushed getting them painted to the top of my pile.  The first two figures are now painted and I hope to have the others completed before the end of the month.  If I do then I’ll put together a group shot.

So, first up we have “Lenore”.  Some of you might think I’m shallow enough to have been attracted to her because of her thigh high boots, if you thought that then you would have been right.  I am that shallow!  When I proposed to She Who Must Be Obeyed about 40 years ago this figure would have represented the mental image I had of what lay ahead. The second figure “Sana” is more in keeping with the reality!

What the female of the species promises versus what they deliver isn’t always the same thing.  Think Black Widow Spider!

Photo’s below.



23 thoughts on “28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 1)

  1. Sorry while you two young blokes discuss the female form this old guy is more interested in the flowers ,did you make then or are they store bought ,they look so good and as I have never used flowers and after seeing your use of them I thought I might add some to castle dio as I feel they would fit in really well with my surprise add on dio . I shouldn’t tell you this but I have a few young lad…… no sorry I’m not supposed to say anything until it works ,so Tech adviser says,( might go pear shaped like the water works ) .Sorry ! .

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    1. I used to make my own Pat and for some things still do but these ones were bought on eBay. They go a very long way, especially on single figures such as these and the cost doesn’t make it worth while doing your own. Looking forward to your dio reveal in due course, I’m sure what ever you have in store will be great.

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    1. Haha. Not much of a secret really Mark. If we are talking about the thigh high boots then I used Vallejo Red Leather with a burnt umber Winton and Newton oil diluted with white spirit to make a wash. It’s the wash that brings it out and seems to work quite nicely.


  2. Looking great, I do like them both. But funnily enough on Friday I want to my mates house for a bit of male bonding over the x box and the character I played in the game was pretty much the axe lady in the game 😁


  3. How can you reverse the colors on the mini, like that?! I kept flicking back and forth “Did he color the back side of the cloak a different color?!”. Well, I know why now…but threw me off a bit. I like the first pic, the best. The dark green cloak with the red/pink dress. Both pretty cool minis, and looks like the second is inspired by Red Sonja.

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