The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 44)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!


Cotton Reels!

As many of you are aware I am a domestic victim.  Despite this I bear no grudges against She Who Must Be Obeyed, so much so that I thought I would give her a shout out in this article.

Now I recently made an eBay purchase.  Nothing unusual in that but I bought something for modelling.  Nothing unusual in that either, except that what I acquired was 20 wooden cotton reels.

The inspiration for this was none other than SWMBO when she very recently said to me – “Would this be any good for your modelling?”.  What she held out to  me was a plastic cotton reel minus the cotton which she had just used up.  “Might be I said” and duly placed it on my work desk where it sat while I continued to search through my forgotten pile in the hope of finding something for Azazel’s (February) monthly challenge.

During my search I came across my set of Dad’s Army figures comprising 18 miniatures which I bought several months ago.  The figures aren’t really neglected as they have there position on the to do list but I have been putting them off until I could identify suitable bases.  What I’ve been looking out for but so far without success are small wooden plinths (for a reason that will become known when I get around to doing the first figure and posting details of it at some point in the future) identically sized and suitably priced.  Some wooden bases can be very, very expensive for what they are.

Then, thanks to SWMBO, I had a light bulb moment!

The cotton reel provided by SWMBO was perfect in height and size but unfortunately made of plastic.  Wood can be sanded, stained and varnished and looks so much better.  “Do they do these exactly the same but in wood?” I asked.  “Yes” she said “but you’ll probably have to buy old fashioned ones like your mother would have had.  “Check eBay”.  So I did and there I found lots of classic wooden cotton reels for sale in different sized lots.  A lot of 20 identical wooden cotton reels fitted the bill perfectly and were duly bought.  I can’t believe I got excited about winning an auction for cotton reels!

Now if that wasn’t enough good news there was an added bonus to be had.  All 20 of the cotton reels when they arrived had a considerable amount of cotton left on them.  The next step is to transfer the cotton to plastic bobbin’s and give them to SWMBO as a nice little surprise wedding anniversary present.  What more could she possibly want?  Yes, you’re quite right, I do indeed spoil that women.

So there we have it.  Twenty wooden plinths and the wife’s wedding anniversary present for under fifteen quid.  Happy days!



Having placed a couple of orders for a few new items I was reminded at the online check out that Christmas is over.  In the lead up to Christmas the majority of retailers I now typically use were offering free postage albeit geared to a minimum spend.  Alas the festive period is over and once again it is possible to find myself doubling the cost of an item thanks to the cost of having it mailed.

When possible I try to make the order financially worthwhile but sometimes I simply do not want more than a single item and I’m not prepared to wait until Christmas comes around once again.  Sadly it’s just the way it goes.  It did however remind that – “Despite the high cost of living it remains popular!”


This week TIM has been listening to …

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of War of the Worlds.

Nice bit of background while doing some painting and I’d forgotten just how good this was.



This week TIM has been watching …


Image result for luther

For one reason or another the last couple of series passed me.  Not entirely sure why but these days, thanks to various recording devices and the likes of BBC iPlayer, I prefer to watch a series once its finished so I can binge watch it.  The idea of waiting a week in between doesn’t cut if for me any more.  So I sat down whilst modelling and got myself up to date.

As with the previous series’ I enjoyed the villains getting  their comeuppance although I was struck by just how weird and perverted the various purveyors of the dastardly crimes were.  Then I got to reminding myself that I was watching fiction which in turn made me question the mind of the guy who wrote it.  In the end I was left wondering if the writer was a creative genius or some one who perhaps ought to be locked up just to be on the safe side!


Remember …

In the darkest hours when modelling and painting aren’t going your way just remind yourself of the old saying …

“If at first you don’t succeed then perhaps skydiving is not for you!”


Until next time.






13 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 44)

  1. Interesting and now I know (because I had to look it up!) what a plinth is. I like to think my vocabulary is better than average, but that one I had never read or heard of – and now my world is just a bit wider. But, not exactly sure what the reels are – perhaps they are what we call spools of thread?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yep, spools of thread would be right Mark. They sit on top of a sewing machine and in the old days were made of wood. Glad I could help with your education regarding plinths. I’m sure your world is all the richer for it 😉. As a figure painter they’re pretty much a standard item. I would guess in the US they are simply called something else. That being the case, an opportunity for me make my world a little wider! 😊

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Umm… bu…… hang on…. errrr did you just F-ing steal my REMEMBER bit idea????? Hahaha

    Ok where to start, right yeah cotton reels wow! Have you heard that song by the eagles “Life in the fast lane” well my friend that song certainly DID NOT come to mind when I read about your cotton reels BUT I was intrigued enough To not lose the will to live so that’s a positive!

    It’s good when you find cheap alternatives. I’m yet to find one for beer though. Brewing your own beer I hear you say but that takes time me old chum. With what precious time I do have I apply to our great hobby.

    War of the worlds is the best album story soundtrack thing ever! I could listen to Richard Burton’s voice all day while we sip brandy together. Also, if you have the full vinyl with picture book etc be sure to check out the image of the priest holding up a crucifix to the giant tripods. It’s a version of Salvador Dali’s The Temptation of St Anthony (My favourite Dali Painting).

    Also, the heavy iconic bass line for that LP “doo doo doo da do da doo doo doo da do do” if that makes sense? Is the first thing I taught myself on Bass 👍🏼😉

    I’ve been meaning to give Luther a go actually.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, keep your hat on mate, I’m sure you are wearing one, besides I thought it was your old man over on the Universal Gardner who came up with it first! 😉 The background is I get a quarterly pensioners magazine from my old employer which has a few amusing anecdotes in it, this was one which I found funny enough to share. Very much a one off so you can relax.

      Glad you are still with us after reading the cotton reel story. I deliberately kept as low key as possible because I didn’t think you could handle the wilder rock n roll side of the story . I might share that with you at a leter date providing you haven’t lost the will to live. Love the eagles by the way.

      There is no cheaper alternative to beer other than to get people to buy it for you so don’t waste your time looking. Home brew is generally shit.

      I used to have the vinyl version of War of the Worlds but like all my vinyl got rid of it years ago. The CD version I have has the book though and I found the image. Didnt realise it was Dali inspired. I do like his work.

      Luther is good but start at the first series and work your way through it.

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  3. Awww and I thought you were going to use the cotton reels to make a whole collection of cotton reel tanks 😞.ahh the War of the Worlds… that takes me back a bit. I have the HGWells one on audio book, but not the Jeff Wayne one… I must rectify this….

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  4. Sorry Dave ,I’m not happy ,bugger your cotton reels and bloody plinths It’s the beer bit that has me really worried ,I have been making my own beer for twenty years and the reason being is that Australians can’t make beer ( for you Aussies I’m 64 and my mob came out from Ireland to this great country in 1850 ,so I’m pretty loyal ) ,It was my stay in your great land that prompted me to make my own as you once had the great brewers ,but then you lost them to the Californians who are now the number one brewers of the world ,just go out and try one of the Nevada range ,pure magic mate ,especially there heavy hopped ones that I like to emulate ,! Hang on what was your post!!!.oh that’s right your nocking out Salvador Dali paintings on the side for a little earner ! ,.Oh and I must say I had the album back in the 70’s and I would lie in the carpet on flat and listen to this great piece and really loved it ,I thought abut it when you guys motioned but I can’t quite remembers which of the dried herds made it more interesting ! bugger me was it sage ,thyme ,maybe marjoram oh ,sorry I’ll just go and have a shitty homebrew and think about it .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, sorry to get you rattled! 😉 I think it must be about the quality of the brewer. Samples I’ve been given by friends over the years have been piss poor, same for their home made wine. Things move on though and people such as your self are canny old buggers who have mastered the art through necessity as the nearest pub was probably a 1000 miles away! Probably the only way to settle the argument is for me to come to Aus again one day and try yours!

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