Mad Jack The Lighthouse Keeper – 28mm Artizan (Azazel’s February Challenge)

A good while ago I purchased some figures from Artizan Miniatures.  All the figures with the exception of this one were Old West figures and were painted months ago.  This one was bought for one reason and one reason alone, I liked it.  It didn’t typically fit with what I normally paint but the pose and facial character appealed to me greatly and I just wanted to paint the little chap.  The only problem was I forgot to do so!  Somewhere along the line he got submerged among other piles of stuff until I recently rediscovered him for Azazel’s monthly challenge.

Not a great deal to say about him really.  Painted in acrylics with some oil washes here and there and some pretty basic base work. The key thing with the base was to find a stone from the garden which would provide some height and the appearance that Mad Jack is looking into the distance.  Hopefully that comes over.



28 thoughts on “Mad Jack The Lighthouse Keeper – 28mm Artizan (Azazel’s February Challenge)

  1. Another excellent piece – though you weren’t tempted to add a tiny LED to his lantern? Wires through the arm and down the leg to a switch in the base? Super easy with metal models, so I understand. 😉

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  2. Bloody brilliant Dave I can’t believe that the stone you found in your garden was hand picked so well !!!,did you intend the face it shows to mirror some ghost of some previous light house keeper or what ,though I feel he looks more like an apache or an Arab with that head gear.

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  3. Just talked to a mate ,he prefers photo no.4 over my comment on no.5 ,he feels 4 is more sinister ,which after studying it I feel he is right ,we would both like to know what your message was and if it was intentional , no one else seems interested or mentioned The youngan reckons it’s just the way it looks and was accidental ! .

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    1. No real message Pat. If there was a story line going through my head it was just a case of Mad Jack investigating a noise at night by going to see what was going on. His features are all part of the sculpt so I can’t take any credit for that other than just painting, him great face though which is why I was drawn to the figure in the first place.

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      1. Sorry Dave ,I have confused you it’s the rock that we were looking at ,it wasn’t just me and my mate but Techsdviser saw it straightaway .If you look at Mad Jack in the profile photo ,no.3 I think you will see a face in profile mirroring him! ,I’m still going to say you meant it Ha!.

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      2. Wow, the truthful answer is I never spotted that at all. The official answer is I searched high and low, visited every country on the plant and eventually found the ideal rock in my front garden of all places. Clearly I meant it and am so glad that you, your mate and techadviser spotted it!😉

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