28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 3)

No Musings this week as I needed to complete the final two figures for Alex’s “Fembruary” challenge.  We also have my brother and his wife coming down for a long weekend and I simply don’t have the time.  Yeah, yeah you’re all gutted I know! 😉

I must say I have really enjoyed painting these Hasslefree figures, it made for a nice change.  I will certainly be doing more of them that’s for sure.

First up we have “Veda-Ann” followed by “Gwendolyne”.  Mess with these ladies at your peril.  The only thing really to say on the painting front is in respect of Gwendolyne.  To produce metallic colours I mix Humbrol enamel silver with which ever colour oil paint I want the colour to be, in this case blue.

Photos below along with a group shot of all six young ladies representing TIM’s Harem!



31 thoughts on “28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 3)

  1. Heh mate What no musing ! thanks mate can’t keep up with everyone as it is ,bloody old computer I’ve inherited while all others have state of the art laptops is so stupid I try and use the new smart phone they got me but the operator is not so smart !.great paint job on these great figures ,and the use of the flowers ,I ended up making my own ,you know me ! ,you can judge for yourself how well I went on my scale it seems ok . Question ,I’m learning at lot from you guys about painting ,best thing was Young IMP and the use of Nulm oil, so much so that I shoot up everyday before work it’s that good ( oh shit politically incorrect ,some one going to be offended ),any can’t be helped ,when you say you mix Humbrol with oil paint is that oil paint as in what artist work with on paintings .Oh yeah I can hear some sniggering from the others ,but I have only ever used humbrol and Revell mat paints because I don’t like the shiny look you get with acrylic . Cheers mate let me know what you think .

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    1. Glad you like the figures Pat. Looking forward to seeing your flowers, I still make some but have gotten lazy of late and for little figures like these it’s easier to buy the pre bought as they go so far and a set lasts an age. Different story on a diorama though. Yes, it’s artist oils that I use. Going back I only ever used oil paints for painting my figures, these days I use a combination of oil and acrylics. The oils I use are Winsor and Newton, there Winton range of 37ml tubes. You don’t need to add much of the oil paint to the metalic, just mix until you get the colour you like.

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      1. Thanks mate I feel I should break out and experiment with other mediums to get more variety in colours .I’m hoping to put the little guys and girls on the dio on the weekend but I have the sisters coming up on Sunday which means I’ll lose a day for photos so it probably won’t be posted for another week .

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      2. The main thing Pat is not to rush it but I’m sure you know that, I can wait another week! As for the paints, I know what you mean. Having painted for years and years with oils the move to include acrylics wasn’t an easy one but I’m very glad I did it now.

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  2. It’s just not good enough, Dave! I was expecting the next part of what’s going down on eBay and we get some pics of some very nice painted minis instead! Your audience has expectations you know! Never mind us all being impressed about how well they complement each other and the fact that the blue and purple shades look really good! 🙂

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  3. Nice painting (as always, of course) and worthy additions to Fembruary. The final shot looks like it could be a promo for a miniatures version of Charlie’s Angels or the Deadly Viper Assassination Team from Kill Bill.

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  4. Wow, those are nice minis. Really
    Like the one you just completed. It’s hard to find decent female Fighter minis, but that ones great. Excellent job on painting those up, and glad you shared them!

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      1. Things are good. Work/life has been busy, so minis/blogging have been neglected. Seems like my mini hobby keeps going through this hibernation cycle. But that’s how things go at times.

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