28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 2)

Part 2 of my contribution to Alex’s “Fembruary” challenge.

Two more ladies from Hasslefree Miniatures the first of which is “Alicia”, the second is a young lady called “Boudi”.  Now here is the big question.  If these ladies were real then given the choice would you choose Alicia or Boudi?  Personally, and to avoid upsetting either, I’d choose both.

Four down, two more to go but time running out!

Photos below.





19 thoughts on “28mm Hasslefree Miniatures (Alex’s “Fembruary” Challenge – Part 2)

    1. You’re like me mate, why chose one when you can have both! Yea, lengthy title but necessary from a filing point of view. 2anted to add more narrative but to be honest couldn’t really thjnk or much to say – bought figure, painted it, photographed it and posted it! Might have to start making stories up to accompany them but not sure I have the imagination.

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