Azazel March Challenge (Part 1 – Gender Ambiguous)

For reasons I cannot begin to explain, last week when I posted details of my little German chap it seems some of you, maybe all of you, saw a waspish character as the first image.  Not surprisingly this created some confusion with a few of you bringing the matter to my attention.  Like I say, I have no idea how or what happened; when I went into edit mode all I could see was my fully intended post.  All very odd.

As far as I can tell the image seen was one of the three photos below.


The figure is a “Wasp Jump Trooper” and one of three I bought for a little diorama I have planned.  Then Azazel added to the March Squad challenge with “Gender Ambiguous” so I thought I would complete the figure with the exception of the basing.

There wasn’t a great deal more to be done.  I wanted to apply gloss varnish and do something more with the wings.   Gloss varnish was a bit of a gamble so I would be interested in your thoughts on whether it looked better matt or as it is now.  The wings needed some interest so I went for a free hand pattern which I could repeat on both wings top and bottom.

The “final” figure is below.


DSC_0030DSC_0035DSC_0034DSC_0031 (1)DSC_0032 (1)

28 thoughts on “Azazel March Challenge (Part 1 – Gender Ambiguous)

  1. Oooh, like this one! Can’t wait to see how it fits into a D Day diorama! 😉 I’m afraid “it” is the best I can do as far as being gender ambiguous is concerned, although strictly speaking it’s neuter (had thought about combining “SHe”, “IT” and “hE” into a new gender ambiguous acronym, but that could be misconstrued). Anyway, a nice figure! I can’t tell how the gloss varnish on the wings has come out from the photos, but the idea is a good way of representing a shimmering motion of the wings I think!

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  2. Nice one Dave looking forward to the end result,like john said it’s hard to tell from the photos ,but just to be smart I’ll say split the difference and go satin !,sorry .

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  3. It was the top middle one that I saw. It is still looking good though. I would have wet myself laughing if the general had appeared in one of the photos. You should have done it for a laugh and denied all knowledge. As for the glossy wings, from the photos I would say it worked.

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  4. Usually I’m no fan of a glossy look but here I’d say it worked perfectly. Great work all round. Curious to see the diorama you have planned for it.

    Just got some stuff from cpmodels myself, they’ve got some really nice models (and wonderfully affordable for someone like myself who’s been institutionalised by GW’s prices!).

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    1. Gloss wouldn’t normally be me either but the wings needed more emphasis to my mind. Still not completely sure but you and others think it looks ok so that’s good enough for me! As for cpmodels, this is a nice little figure and like you I will look at others they do thats for sure..

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  5. Wasp Trooper came out looking good. I like the yellowish brown and the darker brown/yellow in the recesses. The wings are nice and add a nice contrast. Certainly a worthy offering for Azazel’s challenge.

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  6. Hmmm, he doesn’t look German?

    Seriously, I love what you’ve done with it (keeping with the theme). As for varnish, I like what you’ve done. Good contrast. When I have done inspection warriors, I have used airbrushed a pearlized metallic paints (normally used for car models), and then washed with a shade, followed by a gloss, and then a matte varnish. That gave me a nice insect iridescence. Still, I am very fond of your WASP (over here that’s a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant btw😁).

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