Nancy Wake “White Mouse” – 28mm Stoessi’s Heroes

As I only returned to Blighty yesterday I’ve had no time to get any painting or modelling done.  Fortunately though I managed to finish this little number before I went away which left me with just enough time to write and schedule a quick post upon my return.

It is the third of four individual 28mm “Stoessi’s Heroes” figures for the Plymouth Model Club D-Day display.  I’m not sure if Nancy Wake  was in any way involved with D-Day but the French Resistance would have been and so I wanted to include a suitable figure.  I settled on this one because Nancy was quite a remarkable women and I felt she deserved a shout out in my blog!

According to “Stoessi’s” web site Nancy Wake was a hard-drinking, hard-fighting WWII special agent, saboteur, and Maquis commander who survived four days of Gestapo interrogation, saved over two hundred downed Allied pilots from falling into the clutches of the Nazis, blew up a couple German supply depots, had a bounty of five million Francs placed on her head, and then killed an SS soldier with her bare hands.

She was the Allies’ most decorated servicewoman of WWII, and the Gestapo’s most-wanted person. They code-named her ‘The White Mouse’ because of her ability to elude capture.

Some lady!

Photos below.




28 thoughts on “Nancy Wake “White Mouse” – 28mm Stoessi’s Heroes

  1. She’s a great lass mate, well done. How did you make the lamp? I’m also liking the curb/footpayshes on. I think I’ll have to do some more research into the white mouse. She sounds very cool.

    On another note, do you know what happened to that Faust guy?

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    1. Cool lady but not one to mess with that’s for sure. She also has a nice hat!

      The lamp was a spare from when I made my big D-Day diorama. The path was made from individual 28mm scale bricks which were bought too, I love using them.

      Funny you should ask about Faust, I though about him too the other day. Think I will put a comment on his last post and see if he responds. Will let you know.

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      1. Yeah I did that a little while ago and he did respond but then again nothing. Straaaange. He went from prominent to non-existent. I’ve never used the little bricks. Why are they so much fun? Is it just like miniature Lego?

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      2. Hopefully it is a simple case of life getting in the way as it does from time to time and nothing more traumatic. As for the bricks, they don’t lock together like lego, well the ones I have don’t. It’s the creativuty that I like, just like real bricks you can if you have enough of them make what you like. Only trouble is the cost can add up so I tend to use them sparingly and where I am looking for the best effect, otherwise I use cheaper mens like a roller for laeger areas.

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  2. Great job ,and again the way you mounted it is real good ,love the foot path and the
    you have incorporate some subsoil is something I like .And funny that young IMP mentioned Faust as I was thinking I haven’t seen him pop up on anyone’s site just the other week! .I trust you all had a great break and look forward to a run down .

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  3. Wonderful to have you back. From the bricks to the figure to the lamp, nicely done. Thanks for sharing, and who is the brick source? I was unaware of this lady, will have to do some research. As for Faust, yeah, he’s disappeared? Hopefully only temporarily.

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