District 79 – A 28mm Diorama

A very simple one this week and not a great deal to comment upon.

This is the third and what I had originally thought would be my final figure under my loosely linked Apocolypse mini series.  I have now got another idea festering away so a fourth, possibly even a fifth could be on the cards.

Some of you might think the title is in some way linked to the movie District 9, it isn’t.  I recently finished building a Tamiya motor cycle, a model you will get to see futher down the line perhaps (I say perhaps because the whole thing has been sitting around for months), and I had a few decals over of which the number “79” was one.

The yellow and black hazard lines were done free hand.  I kept them as precise as I could but the plan was for most of the base to be covered over so I didn’t get caried away with masking tape this time around. The figure is from Hasslefree, Winter Dionne.  The industial background contraption was a piece of plastic packaging which came with a new washing machine!  Quite what purpose it served I have no idea but painted up I figured it looked OK.




25 thoughts on “District 79 – A 28mm Diorama

  1. Very nicely done! Her face has got a look that says you wouldn’t want to mess with her! And that looks like a 50th (Northumbrian) Division sign on the industrial gubbins if I’m not mistaken, obviously a throwback to an era long ago as far as she’s concerned!

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    1. Thanks John. I’ll have to take your word about the signage but I would put money on you being right! Hasslefree do some great figures and really get some expression into them. How they do it I don’t know but I wouldn’t mess with her either.

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  2. Nice mate ,I like the lass ,and it’s good to see the modeller turn anything into something ,it would have ended up in landfill ,well done Dave your doing your bit to save the planet !

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      1. One thing that gets me Dave is unnecessary packaging ,like that really hard plastic that you need an angle grinder to remove ,what are they thinking ,someone’s going to drive over it !

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