“Have A Nice Day” – A 28mm Diorama

It had been my intention this week to post part 2 of “Tomb Stoned” but as so often is the case life got in the way and what time I did have at my disposal for modelling I spent on this little number instead.  Next week I must make some more progress so brace yourselves for a boring work in progress post in due course.

I mentioned in last Saturday’s post that I had a couple more apocalypse type ideas floating around in my head.  Well this is one of the two I had in mind.  The inspiration for this one started with Alex over at Leadballooney.  He recently put up a post featuring some cool biker figures which I thought were great which in turn reminded me of some I had seen produced by Crooked Dice.  I quickly went online and ordered a couple and once they arrived I was easily distracted away from my “Tomb Stoned” building conversion and onto this instead.

So what’s to say?  Well not a great deal really.  If I’m honest the bill board ought really to be bigger but it does the job of providing a bit of background interest on a small base and besides the “Serious Injury?” idea appealed to my sense of humor.  The only thing of note in respect of the paint job relates to the bike.

Some while ago I bought a couple of Colour Shift paints from Green Stuff World which until now I had never had occasion to use.  In theory the colour should change between blue and green pending light and the angle of view.  I’m not entirely sure that it works but the end result was a reasonable metallic finish which I was happy with.

Pictures below.


DSC_0222DSC_0218 (1)DSC_0216 (1)DSC_0219 (1)DSC_0220 (1)DSC_0217 (1)DSC_0221


21 thoughts on ““Have A Nice Day” – A 28mm Diorama

  1. The bike looks great man. Love the logical detail of the dirt in the tracks of the tyres. The pose on this one is cool too. Now when I read your posts I’ll always hear your voice in my head haha 😉👍🏼

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  2. Nicely done mate – cool mini & a lovely paint job. I’ve been mulling over getting some of those colour flip paints for ages but never seem to get around to it… would you say it’s worth it?

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    1. I’ve only used them a couple of times and on small areas. I would say they are OK but for me they have a limited use. I think they might work alright as a metalic alternative on si fi figures but if you do venture down that route try them out on a neglected piece first. For best results they recommend applying over a gloss black undercoat.

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  3. Hey Dave, been behind in my blogging as I search for a job, paint, golf, etc. Love, love, love this. Looked at it multiple times and I hope that you enter this in a show. Fantastic – the blue jean colors are just perfect, and as IRO said the mud on the tires (US spelling of course – tyres cracks me up for some reason) is very good. Like all your dioramas, it tells a story at a glance, and yet more stories as you look at it longer. Btw, last week I was pleasantly surprised to hear your ant story on Fly on the Wall. I finally figured out how to make a podcast work – another reason I’m behind of course! I was on a 5 mile walk and listened eagerly to hear your voice. And enjoyed Luke and Waz, BUT I had to wait until mile 3 or so to hear you. IRO needs to lock you down with an exclusive contract, replete with a few roadies and some nubile female groupies…well done my man.

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    1. Glad you liked the little dio. When the figures are so good, and these from Crooked Dice are excellent, the inspiration just seesm to follow easily.

      Doing the podcast thing for IRO was pretty weird I have to say. Like most people I don’t recognise myself when I hear my voice played back, very strange it sounds too. I also found it was pretty hard to do. So much easier to do something in a conversation exchange with someone else. For reasons better known to IRO he has asked that I do another one. I will do in due course but I’m not sure that I have the stories and anecdotes to keep it going for very long!

      Enjoy the golf and the walking and good luck searching for a job, always such a pain but you will get there ih the end.

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