Dad’s Army – Part 2 (28mm Figures)

This week I managed to get two more of the 8 uniformed Dad’s Army figures produced by Warlord Games.

First up is Lance Corporal Jones followed by Private Frazer.  We then have a photo of the two together and one of all four figures that I have managed to paint to date.  All being well two more will follow next week.

Not much else to add other than they have been fun to paint so far and I’m looking forward to completing the rest.  The civilian version or each of the figures will provide a bigger painting challenge but hopefully that will prove to be fun as well.

The Warlord flyer which accompanied the figures describes Lance Corporal Jones as “… a veteran of Lord Kitchener’s campaign in the Sudan and no stranger to the rigours of hand-to-hand combat!  As he is prone to pointing out, ‘they don’t like it up ’em’!”

For Private Frazer the flyer states – “Frazer is the local undertaker and veteran of the Battle of Jutland.  He is openly critical of Captain Mainwaring’s leadership, though his constant carping is usually followed by the claim that, ‘I never doubted you for a minute, Sir!’ as Mainwaring triumphs yet again!”






21 thoughts on “Dad’s Army – Part 2 (28mm Figures)

  1. Another great pair of Dad’s Army models. The old/antique feel that the stained dowels give to the models really adds to the great paint on them in giving them a timely feel for the period.

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  2. Nice work once again! I hear Frazer has been brought out of retirement to act as the government’s Brexit spokesman “We’re doomed I tell ye, doomed!” 😀

    I’d recognise Jones straight away but Frazer (and this is entirely the sculpt and not a comment on your painting which is spot on) looks less like the character from Dad’s Army and instead looks disconcertingly like my old boss. Although the more I think about it “openly critical” and “constantly carping” – they could be the same man…

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    1. There seems to be a few people using that phrase at the moment. I am sure we will survive whatever way we finally jump but continuing to do bugger all is doing my head in that’s for sure.

      There is no getting away from it, some of the scuplts are better than others but they make for a nice set overall. As for being like your old boss, you have my sympathy! 😉

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