TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 15)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This week we have a Reaper Pathfinder figure which goes by the name of “Kaer Maga Dusk Warden”.



Flow Aid

I was asked by Mark Morin following my most recent Dad’s Army post …


… if there was any secret to how I painted pin stripes.  The simple answer was “No”.  A steady hand, practice and a willingness to go over the lines time and time again until they look straight is pretty much all I do.  A good brush and appropriately thinned paint are also essential.

Now having said all that the other day I learnt about a product called “Flow Aid”.  This was knew to me although the product isn’t and I suspect most of you have heard of it either under that name or something similar.  In theory it thins the paint and improves the flow without diluting the pigment and is ideal for detailed work such as thin lines.  It also reduces the drying time and should aid colour blending too.

I have ordered a bottle and will let you know what I think of it in due course.  In the meanwhile I would be interested to know what experience any of you might have of using it.


A Friend In Need

My painting and modelling plans were disrupted earlier in the week when the lady next door asked if I could help her bury a rolled up carpet in the woods.  Apparently her husband would have done it but he’s had to go away for a few days.


Modelling Retirement Planning  – Steps 5, 6 and 7

Well hopefully by now you are all either well underway with steps 1 through to 4 or you have printed them out and kept them somewhere safe until you reach your time for retirement.  As these next steps are all “Kitchen” related I thought I would bunch them together as they rather neatly lead from one to the other.

Step 5

Another task which will almost certainly come your way in retirement is an expectation that you will take your turn at cooking the evening meal.  Now I know that in this modern world some men actually enjoy cooking but just try to remember that it takes time.  Pending what you choose to cook it can take a lot of time and that is all time lost which could have been spent painting and modelling.  You must stay focused on the objective!

If you are coerced into cooking a meal, any meal, constantly ask where things are kept.  Patience is needed for this one but as modellers we have it in abundance and it will only be a matter of time before the little lady will tire of it and realise it is quicker to do it herself.  When this happens you must always, repeat always answer with “Well OK darling as long as you are sure” and follow that up by making a very quick exit before there is the remotest chance she might change her mind.

Step 6

Now if step 5 went according to plan then this step might prove unnecessary.  Assuming your other half has the measure of you, and let’s be honest she probably has, then you should undertake this step.

To the average women the kitchen is on a par with the man cave/garage/modelling desk.  If the little lady entered your space and didn’t put things back properly (see Step 3 – “Dusting”) you wouldn’t like it would you?  Well neither would she so if you find yourself still doing some cooking you must, repeat must put things back in the wrong place.  With luck you will never have to see the inside of the kitchen again.  If you still find yourself up against a brick wall then it is time for Step 7!

Step 7

Now step 7 follows the same basic principles as step 6 in that it is geared to invading their space.  If you have failed with steps 5 and 6 then this one is for you.  You could of course jump straight to this step but I would encourage you to resist the urge to do so.  Women are persistent creatures and you can be sure they will come back to the idea of you doing some cooking at a future date.  With this in mind it is far better to adopt a staged approach based upon my experience.  Don’t play all your cards at once unless you absolutely have to.

Timing is the key to this step.  Open every single kitchen cupboard door and wait for the little lady to enter the room.  Looking thoughtful declare that the contents are all over the place and that no wonder you cannot find anything (notwithstanding the fact that you have put things back in the wrong place under step 6!) and thus you are planning to completely reorganise the place now that you are at home and have the time.  It goes without saying that your proposed ideas on how to do this must be absurd!  If that doesn’t do it then to put it bluntly you’re fucked.  Always remember with this one that the bruising will go eventually and the eye you can still open should be firmly fixed on the end game which will be in sight once the double vision has cleared.

One reason for potential failure could be your knife rack.  If you have one like this then you are dealing with quite a difficult creature and I would suggest you tread carefully!



This week TIM has been listening to …

… Roxy Music. Very much a 70’s group and one which I expect divided opinion but personally I loved this arty stuff and there earlier albums still take some beating as far as I am concerned, especially with head phones on.  The album covers were classics too and well worth checking out.


This week TIM has been watching …

… Blazing Saddles.

Going through the Knuckleduster website I noticed some new additions – “Sheriff Blazer”, “Mangus” and “The Chaco Kid”.  All three figures clearly based on the film.  This prompted me to dig out the DVD and give it a watch, something I haven’t done for donkey years.

I expected it to be politically incorrect and doubted some of the humor would have stood the test of time.  I was right on both accounts but it was fun too.

Blazing saddles movie poster.jpg


Until next time.




19 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 15)

  1. I am so glad that IRO mentioned the Richard Branson resemblance, rather than meself! Damn, now I’ve mentioned it! But a very nice mini! Keep the retirement advice coming – just spoken to an ex-colleague today and he personally recommends 7-day weekends!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Well, if you are an accessory your modeling time will jump exponentially…

    Love the post. First, the figure is very LotR as mentioned. Nice job on it. Is there another diorama coming for him? Second, the worldly advice is always fun. As we have discussed I am in the limbo land of sooo close to retirement. Not sure what to do yet, But, hey, that knife rack would be epic!

    On my walks, I listen to The Fly on the Wall podcasts and of course tunes. I added the best of Brian Ferry (which had a lot of Roxy Music on it) to my phone a few months back. Always loved Roxy, and here’s yet another area that our musical tastes converge.

    And who doesn’t love Blazing Saddles? Did you know Mel Brooks is still alive at 93 and was a Combat Engineer in WWII?

    Liked by 2 people

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