Dad’s Army – Part 6 (28mm Figures)

This week we return to my Dad’s Army civilian figures.  Compared to the uniformed set these present a much greater painting challenge with an opportunity to apply a significant amount of freehand.  This time around we have Charles Godfrey and Jack Jones.

Not a great deal to add that hasn’t been said previously except that these days I am using less and less oil paints.  Why?  Simply because I have been trying to improve my blending work with acrylics and am reaching a point where I am happier with it.  So, is that the end of oils?  Definitely not.

Images below.



17 thoughts on “Dad’s Army – Part 6 (28mm Figures)

      1. I didn’t on these Ann but I recently discovered a product called Flow Aid which I aim to use and believe it to be ideal for this sort of thing. In due course I will put a post up saying what I think of it once I have tried it out.

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