British Despatch Rider, Monte Cassino 1944

In the past it was very unlike me to start a model and leave it unfinished.  These days it is par for the course, I have so much unfinished stuff it is hard to know where to start.  I’m not entirely sure what brought this change about but I think a huge turning point was retirement.  More time to model and browse for new stuff has tested my patience to a higher level and the desire to move on to other projects has simply gotten the better of me.  With the lead up to Christmas and the excitement of lots more goodies due to arrive I thought I ought to at least make an effort to finish one or two things which have been around for far too long.

One such model was a 1/35th scale Soverign 2000 figure I had of a British Despatch Rider.  The Figure was painted getting on for a year ago and the motorbike, a Tamiya BMW as I recall, was built and painted around the same time.  There they both sat while I wondered what to do with them and then I completely forgot about them altogether.  Until now.

To get it done I went for a simple base in the end.  A bit of old plaster board for the back wall, a few plants for colour and a heap of rubble.   All basic stuff.  For the image on the wall I chose a religious theme having chosen to go with the Monte Cassino idea.   The image is the one clever bit which I will share with you.

Firstly you print off a colour image and cut it out.  Next decide where you want it to go, in this case on the plasterboard wall.  Apply PVA glue to the plasterboard (it could be a stone, wood or anything you want it doesn’t have to be plasterboard) and stick the image face down and leave to dry.  Once dry wet your finger and rub slowly and carefully.  The back of the paper will be removed but the image will be stuck to the plasterboard looking like it was painted on.  The downside is the image is reversed so if you must have it the right way round, words for example, then you need to flip them first before printing.

Photo’s of the finished model (eventually) appear below.


DSC_0607 (1)DSC_0608 (2)DSC_0609 (2)DSC_0611 (2)DSC_0612 (2)DSC_0610 (2)DSC_0606 (1)



19 thoughts on “British Despatch Rider, Monte Cassino 1944

  1. Love the model and the diorama! When you said your pile of under-painted/finished models has only grown in your retirement, it makes me worried that my already large backlog is only gonna’ get larger in 8-9 years, when I can retire!

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  2. Thanks for the trick – will definitely store away for future use, if dementia does not set in…

    Love the rider – I can definitely see this dude in Italy during the war. Dusted him up nicely too – kudos Dave.

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  3. You are a clever boy mate ,just like the lads have said ,it’s such a clever idea and it has come to me at the perfect time as I’m trying out something similar with the new dio . The mini is great and your use of the plaster board is another great idea after seeing how you have used it, so thanks mate !

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  4. Wow, excellent once again! The mural on the wall is very clever and really adds to the piece – I’ll have to try that at some point. The attention to detail on the bike (the little stickers on the tank for example) is great as well and really helps it to look like a real machine.

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    1. Thank you. I’m no biker but if I were I would like one of these. The technique for the mural is, as far as I have been able to discover, very adaptable, it’s the PVA that does the work. Adding poster art and graffiti to terrain would be another use I reckon.

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