TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 33)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

Knuckleduster figures continue to dominate my backlog pile for now.  There are more to be done but progress is being made in parallel with other little projects that I am working on.  In fairness I do enjoy painting them and adding them to my collection so it is hardly a chore, just a simple desire to move a quality figure from the gloom of a cupboard to the light of day.  Latest to make the move to the display case is “Lucky Lou”.

DSC_0597 (1)DSC_0598 (1)DSC_0599 (1)DSC_0600 (1)


Well It Made Me Laugh …



Salute 2020

Yesterday I bought my train ticket and entrance ticket for Salute 2020.  Looking forward to it and spending money on all those “essential” items.  The 18th April will come along quickly enough but for now I have time to sew extra pockets into my coat so I can smuggle my contraband passed She Who Must Be Obeyed when I get home.  The alternative is to simply man-up but the last time I did that I found myself cooking my own dinner!

I should also point out that SWMBO also has a wart on her hand.  Not one but two or three.  She is understandably self conscious of these and has investigated many remedies but so far without success.  I too am conscious of her warts.  Conscious to the point where I am more convinced than ever that she is a witch.  It cannot be a coincidence that I haven’t seen a newt or a toad in a while.  These are dangerous times in the house of TIM.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Paolo Nutini and “Pencil Full of Lead”.  There are plenty of jazz versions of this track but I prefer this one.


This week TIM has been watching …

“1917”.  A trip to the cinema to see this Oscar nominated film with my mate.  Enjoyable is never the right word to describe a war film, experience is probably more appropriate in these days where nothing is left to the imagination in a graphic portrayal.  All in all an excellent film and well worthy of seeing.  Not so sure about it being a potential Best Film winner but quite different from anything I have ever seen before in the way that is was filmed as one continuous sequence.



“Do Not Touch!”

Probably one of the scariest things to read in braille!


Until next time.


12 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 33)

  1. I love Lou. Love the face. Is it a purposeful thing that you make a lot of your minis have ginger hair? Just curious. 1917 is an amazing film. Big Waz and I saw it for our birthday and loved it. The long shot approach to the cinematography really keeps you in it I felt. There’s a cool little (12 minute) doco on YouTube about the camera work I’d recommend

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  2. I’m with Luke on Lou, and another good paint job Mate, I’m not a big movie goer, the last one was Dunkirk which I thought was well done, seeing that my two talented friends( Double act clowns )have recommended 1917 I’m going to shock the family and tell them I wish to see it !!! Thanks boys I’ll let you know how it went .

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  3. IRO, Pat, and Alex stole my thunder (though honestly if I ever used the adjective cracking here to describe job I would be describing a mob hit or a prison rape – neither of which I have any personal experience).

    I saw 1917 and as a vet it really affected me deeply. Love soldiers and understand well the sacrifices they make. My classmate Rod Lurie, who is an actual movie director (and a nice guy) raved about it on Facebook so I went with the wife. She liked it but not as much as I did. Glad you got to enjoy it too.

    A challenge – at Salute try a game – anything where you have to either roll dice or flip a card. Love to hear your perspectives!

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    1. I guess some of these films are so authentic these days that a lot of vets are affected by them one way or another. If time at Salute allows I may well give a game a go, if only to have a better idea of what you guys are on about. 😊

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  4. Nice work on Lucky Lou there, that green really pops. Loved the therapist as well, I actually know someone who’s thinking of training as a psychotherapist, I’ll pass it on to them – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it…

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