Andre Durand, Time Chaser – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 2)

This week saw the completion of Andrea Durand, Time chaser and his “Krups Machine”.

What does the machine do?

Ideally it is for time travel but I am more inclined to go with John’s (of Just Needs Varnish) idea that it is a coffee maker.  Either way it hopefully looks better now it has been painted up.  Andre himself has been finished as well and the two items are now assembled and based.

Images below.



12 thoughts on “Andre Durand, Time Chaser – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 2)

  1. wow, thats a time machine if ever i saw one, just think of the adventures aboard that, visit Rich tea island, or Hob Nobb province, you need to do more of them in the future..

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  2. Actually, Dave, the machine and mini really do look very good! If it hadn’t been for your WIP post I’d never of guessed you’d made the machine yourself, it looks that good! 🙂 Not sure what happened with your post though – I got a notification on Thursday, but then nothing was there, but it’s obviously all sorted out now! Obviously proof that it is indeed a time machine!

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