Rowena Von Graaf – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 1)

This week I started on another Reaper Chronoscope Steampunk figure, Rowena Von Graaf.  You will have to wait until next week to see her painted as my time thus far has been spent working on the base.  I have downloaded an online unpainted image of her so you can at least see what the figure looks like.


As I say this week has been spent working on the base.  I decided I wanted to create a small wall, a pillar and some railings.  I also wanted to add a lamp to the top of the pillar.  First up was the need to make an “L” shape using a couple of pieces of plaster board.  This stuff is so versatile and easy to cut and use.


Once dried the next step was to clad the “L” in bricks.


If you follow my blog you will know I bought some Victorian lamps off of Ebay which I used in a previous model a couple of weeks ago.  I used another one here, or to be more precise the top of one.  For the railings I used some galvanised metal mesh.  I also used a couple of small tiles which I bought from the same place I purchased the bricks.  These needed to be drilled to take the mesh.  Some Milliput was used for the rest of the base and holes positioned to take Rowena once she is painted and ready for adding to the base.


Finally some grit was added and once the PVA had dried it was time to start the painting and whethering.  As a final touch some flowers were added to provide a little more colour and interest.


All simple enough but time consuming, particulalry in terms of allowing tbings to dry.  Time now to paint the lady herself.


24 thoughts on “Rowena Von Graaf – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 1)

      1. I know what you mean, whenever I post a WIP I think “Why will anyone be interested in this?” but those are often the most popular posts. I know I’m always a lot more interested in seeing other people’s WIPs than I am in my own – there’s a lot to be learned from a WIP!

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  1. Looks great Davey. The plaster board is a good idea. I often use cork tile for structures but I have a few large sheets of plaster board under the house that I might need to cut up. Looking forward to seeing the figure on the base.

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  2. just brilliant, and there was me betting myself it would have a snow base, never mind its fantastic to see it. May i ask as to what you do with your diorama’s when completed.

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    1. Thank you. Individual figures like those which feature in my musings posts I either add to my own collection or sell on Ebay. They are easy to post and the money I make completely makes my hobby self funding. The dioramas I generally keep as they are not easily posted. I have some on display, mainly the ones that have done well in competions, but many are just stored now. Space is a problem which is why I stepped down in scale to 28mm from 54mm.

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  3. I’m with a number of the others, I love seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ process of this kind of thing. I’m always amazed at the effort that goes into it. I know you say the processes themselves are simple but it’s still impressive.

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    1. Thank you. It strikes me from what I have seen of other people’s blogs, yours included, we all have a couple of things in common – modelling/painting skills and a good degree of patience. Hence I am not doing something which others cannot do if they want to. The problem is we don’t know what we don’t know which is why I like WIP posts by other people as you can usually pick up a good tip here and there along the way on how to do something. 😊

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