“Viharis Tenspire” – a 28mm Reaper Wizard (Ann’s Challenge)

A break this week from OMG! as I promised Ann that I would take part in her challenge.  I enjoy painting all sorts of figures but none more so than the occasional wizard, so I didn’t need much encouragement to enter her challenge.  The brief was “March Might & Magic” and magic doesn’t come much better than a wizard.  I am sure there are other manufactures out there and before too long I will have to check some of them out but for now nobody does a wizard sculpt better than Reaper in my opinion.  The figures and the detail in them are to my mind simply stunning.  As you can probably guess I am a fan!

What we have here is “Viharis Tenspire”.  A lovely mini which I decided to simply base on one of my neighbours wood turned bases he so kindly does for me.  As with most of the wizards their clothing provides plenty of opportunity for free hand painting.

As required by the challenge a picture of the figure in the box followed by the end end result.  One of my personal favourites.

Images below.



DSC_0597 (2)DSC_0603 (2)DSC_0601 (1)DSC_0599 (2)DSC_0598 (2)

DSC_0600 (1)

30 thoughts on ““Viharis Tenspire” – a 28mm Reaper Wizard (Ann’s Challenge)

  1. He’s excellent – love the exaggerated pose of him. Completely agree with Alex re the Pratchett-esque element, he could have stepped straight out of one of Kirby’s covers. The freehand is just exquisite, top marks for those stars on his hem.

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  2. Excellent work on this guy! I love the blending on the purples as well as the little stars on his robes. I think I have the plastic bones version of this figure from a KS, which looks totally crappy, so good on you for showing how good the real metal version can be. Also, please do not let anyone tell you that his hat looks like a sex toy.
    Because it totally doesn’t.
    Not at all.

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