TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 45)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


A little bit deep and meaningful this week.  “Billie the Hunted” is a Hasslefree figure of a scared girl hugging her rag doll.  In these troubled times when our kids are understandably worried, spare a thought for Billie.



Well It Made Me Laugh …



Coronavirus – Self Isolation Week 4

Day 22 – Am I the only one who’s body clock is completely fucked right now?  Pre-Cornonavirus lock down there were occasional times when I didn’t know what day of the week it was.  An age thing.  These days I do not know what day of the week it is, what time of day it is or even if it is morning or night.  My internal intuition is now completely screwed.  Even meal times follow no pattern.  This morning I ate cauliflower cheese.

Day 23 – Thanks to Amazon two tins of spray matt varnish arrived today leaving only three orders outstanding.  Well not entirely true as I placed an order with Dixon Miniatures for a few ACW figures but as I only did that yesterday it doesn’t really count.

Day 24 – In theory my family and I have 60 more days of self isolation to go.  Government advice may change in that time of course but not for all I suspect and not those who are or have a family member in the high risk group.  Time will tell but for now we have settled into a routine which although it has its low points seems to be working.

Day 25 – Today is my wedding anniversay, thirty eight years and counting.  I can’t see via Google what the right gift is for 38 years of marriage but I’m pretty sure it isn’t Covid-19!  Now I don’t typically plan ahead and buy things like anniversay and birthday cards that far in advance but for once I did and She Who Must Be Obeyed didn’t.  I’m going to enjoy today!

Day 26 – There is a guy in my village who I cannot stand.  He is an idiot and I call him Mad Martin.  We have never seen eye to eye on anything but at times like these I have come to realise that life is to short, it is time to move on and to have no regrets.  I have decided that when we bump into each other once lockdown is over I’m going to tell him to fuck off.

Day 27 – Pension payday today and I feel like the guy who lost a pound and found a penny.  On the down side my share prices have dropped significantly and no dividends are being paid but on the up side I spent almost nothing of my net monthly income as a consequence of having nowhere to go.  If the coronavirus lockdown continues for the next two years (heaven forbid) then I reckon I could be in with half a chance of balancing the books.

Day 28 – Now I have never been to prison and have no plans to do so.  The thought of picking up dropped soap in the communal shower fills me with dread.  However, I reckon the highlight of the average prisoners day is when the food tray is passed through the cell door hatch.  And so it is with us when the home delivery arrives from the baker or the butcher or the grocer. 🤗


To WIP Post Or Not To WIP Post?

With my diroama OMG! almost complete it is time to start working on a new mini project the working title of which is “Covid 19: Lockdown Breakout”, catchy and rather topical I thought.  I have no idea how long it will take, two or three posts at best I reckon.  The question is do I put out a WIP post(s) before or after completion?

Something for me to mull over but feel free to share your opinion if you have one as I would welcome your thoughts.  I’m also considering adding a little story line narrative.

Decisions, decisions!


This week TIM has been listening to …

“Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones.

Feeling rebelious so felt like a bit of punk.  Even went out twice for exercise as neither of the kids could be arsed to walk the dog last evening.


This week TIM has been watching…

“Remember the Titans” starring Denzil Washington.

A few years old now but a great film all the same.  Can’t say I know anything whatsoever about American Football.  Probably the most bazaar game ever invented from what I can make out but fortunatley you don’t need to have any understanding of the game to enjoy the film.




Taking a nap is easy, you can do it with your eyes closed!



19 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 45)

  1. Love the mini, the joke and the music! 🙂 Can’t comment on the film, but I can’t imagine American Football is any more pointless than rugby (I’m not really a sport fan)! 😉 I’m working from home, so my body clock still seems to be functioning (unfortunately)!

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  2. quite a sad mini dave, she looks so vunerable and timid. It will be interesting to see what you come up with for the ACW models, for some reason after your last post i am now watching lots of stuff on WW1, god what a waste of life that was. My body clock works every now and then, it hates mornings and keeps telling me the night hasn’t finished yet and to stay there, but as i am still doing a few gardens i have to get up. The song is good but not too fussed on american films, one thing is i can understand half of what they say, its just a mumble mostly or they film in darkness. Looking forward to whats ahead from you, haven’t done anything with the Limber yet, i may just make a diorama, to hell with it..

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  3. Yes she is rather sad. Bought originally for something else I had in mind but didn’t end up doing so just based her on her own and then along came Covid-19! After I did my first WW1 piece I really got into the period for a while and watching various bits inspired a few of the things I did. It was an incredible period for sure. I’m sure whatever you decided to do with the limber will work out, it is a very nice piece.

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  4. Bille is full of little girl fright, just painted so well. Cool figure, and I was drawn to the cute shoelaces. Reminds me of my granddaughter who we have not gotten to hug in so long.

    Well done on the anniversary win my friend, well played on the gift as well, but you left us hanging on how it worked out?

    The best WIP stuff I see comes from you honestly. However you do it is fine, because the processes you take are valuable and interesting as well.

    Not knowing what day it is has not been an issue, but time has been another issue. During each day, I have been trying to work in many different more or less mandatory things to do. Now that my dad has passed, I try to check in daily on my mother who is all alone. As my lovely bride is currently being paid but out of work, I try to work in a game of cards with her – usually a rummy game we call hand and foot. I usually get on the treadmill for 1- 1 1/2 hours to stay ready if I can ever get to play golf again this year. I also try to get in a FaceTime session with my 3 year old granddaughter and my daughter. I also try to catch up on the news by means of the nightly briefing on the status of the pandemic. I have always been fairly political so at least I find that interesting. Our lockdown has now been extended here in Massachusetts to May 15 at least. I have not heard back on a job I interviewed for last week (remotely) as I, like you, have had to watch the decline in the market. So employment would be better. The current situation basically has got me getting up later and staying up later to try and work in any hobby activities, which have been few.

    This too shall pass, but hopefully we are all around to tell deserving assholes to fuck off in person as you said!

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    1. I have to say Billie is a great composition and one I enjoyed painting and I appreciate your kind remarks Mark. As to the lock down and its implications it looks like we all have our hands full one way or another. Fortunately we live in an age where technology offers us so much in terms of staying in touch. Not ideal but imagine life without it. Sounds like you have established some balance and routine in your somewhat changed life. Things will never go back to how they were but I remain optimistic that the world will be a better place after for us all. Stay safe mate.

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  5. Sorry I’m Kate to the party. Cauliflower cheese for brekky is a good day, add macaroni to it and it’s the best day of the week. I love the mini. Very apt. Tell Mad Martin to fuck off from me too mate then he’ll really be upset. I’m a fan of WIP photos and posts so do it for me mate hehe. Stay Frosty 🤘🏼

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  6. I just love Mad Martin mate, still chuckling over that one!! Nice little figure,certainly has impact .Congratulations on 38 years what was the present ,something flash I trust!

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  7. The bit about Mad Martin cracked me up, I know a few people like that myself. Teenage Kicks – what a song! – great choice. Oh and you’ve done a fine job on Billie too, love the colour choices

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