OMG! – A 28mm Diorama (Part 5 – Final Diorama)

Well finally I got this diorama finished, I hope you didn’t get bored with the WIP posts.  By coincidence today would have been Salute 2020 at the Excel centre in London.  Unfortunatley it had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak and since then the venue has been converted into a 4,000 bed Nightingale emergency hospital.  Who would have thought that a few weeks ago!

Back to the diorama.

The final figure got painted and positioned.  Another fine figure from Hasslefree which goes by the name of “Jholkar of Bolverk”.  Other than a little tidying up and some little bits of vegetation the model was complete.

Below are images of the completed diorama.  At the end I have also included an image of the model in its early stages where I was playing around with the pieces and how it would in theory go together.  I thought it might be of interest to see how the basic design played out.

This model is destined for Telford unless I come up with something better in the meanwhile or the show does not go ahead in light of the prevailing circumstances.  Also I haven’t as yet come up with a better title than “Oh My God!” If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Now it is time to move on to something new.  Maybe I will give some of the ideas you guys came up with a go at some point in the future too.

Here’s hoping you like the end result.  The images aren’t the greatest but unfortunatley rain prevented me taking some outside pictures.


DSC_0586 (4)DSC_0602 (1)DSC_0596 (1)DSC_0603 (1)DSC_0601 (2)DSC_0591 (2)DSC_0585 (4)DSC_0607 (1)DSC_0606DSC_0608 (1)DSC_0593 (1)DSC_0584 (2)DSC_0599 (1)DSC_0598 (3)DSC_0590 (3)DSC_0587 (3)DSC_0594 (1)DSC_0589 (4)DSC_0604 (1)DSC_0592 (2)DSC_0597 (1)DSC_0600 (1)DSC_0605 (1)






38 thoughts on “OMG! – A 28mm Diorama (Part 5 – Final Diorama)

      1. Yeah fair enough. I like everything you do but it’s the big dioramas I get the most excited about. However you’re not here to please me haha. Like with the waterfall I’d like to see a diorama with a lot of movement in it. Action. Like a tower being blown apart by a passing fighter plane.

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  1. thats one epic piece of work Dave, well i for one would love to know the inspiration behind it, its not like you think of something like this every day, or maybe you do? Really enjoyed seeing it take shape over the WIP’s. The Trollenburg Terror..

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    1. Thanks Steve. Like a few things I put together I get a basic idea which I hold onto for a while and without fail other bits pop into my head. In this instance I knew it had to be fantasy diorama piece because it was the category it will be entered into at Telford. It also needed to be dramatic and a little different as this worked for me last year. I hadn’t done a waterfall for a while so I settled on that right from the start. Settling on the figures took a while as I had several ideas but the clincher was finding the Hasslefree figures looking up. That inspired the giant theme and the rsst as they say is history!

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  2. That looks absolutely epic mate, my expectations have been surpassed! If it was the cover of a novel I’d read it without a second thought. Really enjoyed following your progress through the WIP posts as well.

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    1. Glad you liked it. On a personal front it went together as well as I could hope, a win for practice and experience I think as little if anything was a real first attempt in modelling terms. Now just need to write the book! 😊

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  3. F…..Me !! no sorry mate that’s not a suggestion of a title it’s what I said when I first peeped at it. It is one of those excellent dioramas that one can go back and look at time and again ,one thing I do like, and you always do it well,is the positioning of your figures, perfect mate, and as for the terrain ten out of ten .I do like your waterfalls ,I’m yet to have the balls to try one ,but seeing this one has inspired me to give it a go some where down the track, so in a nut shell Dave top job and if it doesn’t spin out your mate Narrow boat man nothing will when he sees it up at Telford !!

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    1. Thank you. The dioramas such as this one are my guilty pleasure. It is a hobby I have done for many years. This model will be a competition entry for the UK’s biggest show held in Telford in November. Alas I think this year it will be cancelled but we will see in due course. Single figures I collect and keep for myself but I also sell on ebay as this typically funds all aspects of my hobby. I have a few up currently and sold one to a guy in Germany only last week but Covid-19 isn’t good for business!

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  4. The scale of this diorama is seriously impressive! You can also sense the trepidation some of the warriors face as that is one fierce ogre. Excellent work on this one.

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    1. Thank you. The figures by Hasslefree are quite something and went along way to making this one work. If you aren’t familiar with Hasslefree then pending what you are into I would recommend them. I’m not on commission! 😉

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      1. I am familiar with them but have never painted one. I will try to take a look at their website and see if anything grabs me. I’ll be checking out some more of your posts as I have time too. It is nice to take a category on your site and see what you’ve made for each 🙂

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