“Marise Greyshroud” – 28mm Reaper Miniature (Ann’s Challenge)

Ann’s April Challenge was a simple one, just get some outstanding crap done.  What I like about a challenge like that is it makes me realise I am not alone.  At some point we all start something which either never gets finished or takes a hell of a long time to get done.  I’ve often wondered why this is.

Personally I think it is down to one simple reason.  I get excited about the next project and move on before the previous  project I was excited about gets finished.  This was the case with this figure – Reaper Miniatures “Marise Greyshroud”.  I had a few ideas for this one but then I got inspired by a bigger diorama and so this one got pushed back further and further until Ann’s Challenge came along.

Not a great deal to say about it.  Purchased early last year but since then it has sat neglected on my desk gathering dust.  Not an exciting piece (although I liked it at the time) and this is reflected in the paint job I think.  A simple bit of base work with a couple of skulls added for further interest and it is now done as far as I am concerned.  Not one of my favourites but if it wasn’t for Ann’s challenge it may not have got finished at all.

Looking at my desk I notice I have several other part completed figures.  I really ought to get these done but I think I will wait for the next challenge!


DSC_0585 (5)DSC_0588 (4)DSC_0589 (5)DSC_0590 (4)DSC_0584 (3)DSC_0587 (4)DSC_0589 (5)img_0288img_0287

30 thoughts on ““Marise Greyshroud” – 28mm Reaper Miniature (Ann’s Challenge)

  1. Oh wow, I actually really like her. She reminds me of Evil-Lyn from the cartoon He-Man. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil-Lyn
    I hear you LOUD and CLEAR about starting one project, not finishing it and moving onto the next. It’s Crazy!!!! Haha but it’s not hurting anyone. Just enjoy what you do. If you finish something that’s cool but if you don’t because you’re more excited about the next thing, we’ll that’s cool too. Hope you and yours are well mate.

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    1. All good this end mate, trust the same at yours?
      Yes I can see the comparison, perhaps it was intentional? It used to bother me leaving things unfinished but life is too short. Used to be the same with books and films. I would always finish them but these days if it is boring me I find something better and move on.

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      1. Yeah all good with me and mine mate. Funnily enough, as I’m gardener, I spent the day in my own garden hehe. Difference is I pottered with the wife and kids. It was nice. Anzac Day here too so we were up at 5:30 for a dawn service with the neighbours (from a distance). Have you got any large projects ie Big Dioramas that I’m you’ve started and haven’t finished or gotten back to? The reason I ask is because sometimes with bigger projects, and I lose interest, I go back to them and turn them into something else.

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      2. Happy Anzac Day. Looking back I had a lot more self discipline but in those days I also spent less time on the internet, did not blog and didn’t go to model shows. All these things, which I love by the way, have led to greater temptation from seeing all the goodies available. So now I struggle.
        I did intend to do a big Old West diorama, even did the first couple of posts and bought a couple of buildihg and a few figures but it ain’t ever getting done now. Stay safe.

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  2. I usually, well hell ALWAYS, like (love) the stuff you paint. I look at the pics, and blow them up to see how you highlight and shade. I know you use oils mostly, but maybe some acrylics here? Anyways, this lady just pops! For an afterthought, I’m blown away. Must have been an SWMBO inspired project!

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  3. Cheers Mark. SWMBO inspires all my projects as she encourages me to keep to myself! I find with the exception of dry brushing I’m using acrylics more and more these days and leaving the oils behind. This one was all acrylic but I find dry brushing with acrylics to be a little powdery. Not sure if that is down to me or the paints but I much prefer oils still for this part of process.

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  4. well i for one think you have made a great job of it, another tantalising lady with a gravity defying bosom, i also like the wooden stands you mount your dioramas on.

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  5. Yup, it happens to us all. I used to have a shelf of shame where all the projects I’d been excited about ten minutes ago went to die. Since we’ve moved house I’ve had to re-arrange things a bit so now I have a box of shame instead which is a much better idea, this way I can’t see them easily and it’s even harder to feel guilty about it 😉

    Nice work on Marise, love the ghosts!

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    1. Nice work, I like the end result. I agree about getting excited by something else before finishing the first thing. For me the only thing that really leads to sticking with projects is gaming. If the army is needed/used for games I will keep working on it and if not….well.

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      1. That’s a nice approach. Personally I have gotten far worse since I have been in lockdown. With my model club closed along with all the shows my usual incentives have gone out the window. Hopefully things will get back on track in due course but I dread to think what size my pile of shame will have grown into! 😊

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  6. I’m due a tidy up (if only I had the time!) and when I get around to doing it I think the idea of hiding all the shameful stuff is a smart move. You never know I might even be able to convince SWMBO that I have run out of things to paint and need to buy more! 😊

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  7. Well mate I think the majority of us suffer from getting excited about the next piece, I’m already feeling less excited about the Swamp now that the figures I need arnt coming to soon

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  8. Sorry mate that shot off before I finished!! as I was saying, I tend to loose the excitement if I hit a hurdle and have another great idea ,just like you said. I’m glad you mentioned the powdery bit as I wasn’t sure about that, it kind of spoiled her a bit. I missed the ghosts until Wuda pointed them out and that surprised me as I normally don’t miss much, it must be because I’m now old !!!

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