TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 15)

One thing I am reminded of when looking at this piece again is that photos taken outside are a much nicer backdrop to those taken indoors using my light box.  I really should put myself out to do this more, if not for single figures than at least for dioramas.


28mm ACW Confederate Cavalry Diorama – Part 2

With my holiday looming I finally managed to complete this diorama and without rushing it. When I return from a holiday I’m usually full of new ideas so I was keen to clear the work bench before I go.

Not sure there is a lot to say about this one. Overall I’m pretty pleased with it and broadly speaking managed to create the scene I was after. The figures were all from the ACW range produced by Dixon Miniatures (I wonder if they will ever get to see what I do with the figures I have bought from them?). Other than some minor adjustments to each of the horses to free their legs from metal grass tufts used to keep them on their bases they are as purchased.

One of the things I like about Dixon’s is they sell their figures individually. A lot of manufactures tend to sell in bundles which is OK but I usually find I’m only really interested in one or two figures and the rest end up unused in my bit box. Just like buying bundles of socks or pants from M&S, there is always a pair or two that are naff which you never wear!

Images of the diorama below, starting with a few progress photos and ending with the final model. Hopefully my holiday will provide an opportunity to improve my photography skills.





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