Steampunk Alice (Part 2)

This week saw me finally put the effort in to complete Steampunk Alice.  All in all I am reasonably pleased with the way she turned out and how the various bits and bobs came together but there was room for improvement.  I have also had a few other ideas so one day I might do this figure again.

What we have here is Alice herself along with a mechanical White Rabbit, both part of the same Twisted Miniatures kit.  The mirror was a cheap Ebay dolls house purchase but a significant piece in the storyline.  I used watch pieces for the name on the base and a few more as decoration.  The playing card was just a colour print reduced in size.  With hindsight I should have printed the Queen of Hearts so that’s a mistake down to me.  I also wanted to get hold of a very small chess piece but couldn’t fine one and attempts at trying to make one were pitiful.  I think both of these would have improved on the theme.  The street lamp added some height and besides I had a spare one to use up!  The clock was a last minute (sorry about the pun!) addition which I personally really like.  It came in a packet She Who Must Be Obeyed bought at the local market a while back.  The stall sells stuff that people who make their own cards buy.

To provide some perspective the surface area of the base is 4cm x 4cm.  Surprising just how much can be fitted on an area of that size.







31 thoughts on “Steampunk Alice (Part 2)

  1. That’s come out really well, you’ve packed a lot into a small space and the whole thing is very clever. Not sure if the chess-piece would really have been needed, it might just have made things too crowded. The clocks, and the way things are spilling over the edge, makes me think of Salvador Dali (now there’s a diorama waiting to happen!)

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    1. Thanks mate. Dali’s work is awesome that’s for sure but how to replicate it is something else entirely I fear. Not sure I’m up to elephants on spindly legs so we can rule that one out. I did try to get a chess piece but the biggest problem I had was finding a piece which had a base to fit a square of the tiled board. I also had a go at making a Mad Hatter’s Hat which was also a failure. In the end I had more ideas than I could deliver but overall I was hapoy to stop where I did in the end.

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      1. That’s the best way really, if you have too many ideas to use then you can always murder a few darlings and pick the best, or at least the ones that fit best with the current project – and save the others for later. Some of my best ideas have sprung from things that didn’t quite work for the project they were first intended for.

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  2. at last i got time to visit, woah where did that idea come from, but i must admit with that alice model i can think of another scenario for her. Such a lot going on, its brilliant..

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      1. Yes things have been rather hectic around here in a isolated way, but hopefully all will even out and we can pull back more time. Nice of you to think that though, very thoughtful..

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    1. Cheers IRO. I think there is a slightly sinister feel to the sculpts, especially the rabbit, which gives of a bit of an evil vibe. It was a fun one to do with plenty of creative options. One you could have fun with too. Alice in HellGate perhaps?

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  3. I keep saying this – but this is my favourite one yet! I think this shows you are getting better and better, not just on the painting and modelling, but the storytelling through these dioramas has been superb.

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  4. Dave, I have so many oohs and ahs on this piece – the eyeshadow is stunning (man that is unbelievable detail), the mirror use is so clever, the rabbit, the watch parts, and so much more. You have given Alice a menacing whimsy I think – pretty tough to pull off. And you definitely did. Thanks for sharing so many pics too – so much to take in.

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  5. I love that. The sculpts are wonderful and your setting brings them together very nicely indeed. I’m continually impressed by how neat you are with a brush – you must have hands of steel to do such neat stripes.

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