TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 18)

I had forgotten all about this figure.  It was the first of two Knights, the second will appear in next weeks post.  Seeing it again makes me think this is a genre I really ought to visit once again even if it is just briefly.


A 28mm Knight in Shining Armour

I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that having returned from holiday I wanted to diversify a little from modelling Old West figures and dioramas, my genre of choice.  To this end I identified the medieval period as an area in which to have a brief dabble.  I was partly inspired by a fellow blogger Souls In Miniature.  Ironically SIM is based in the good old US of A modelling knights of the realm while I am based in the UK modelling the Old West. Clearly we were both born on the wrong continent.

I digress.

Painting figures of knights has long had an appeal for me but my modelling skills are simply not up to painting coats of arms.  However  I recently discovered some fantastic 28mm figures by 1st Corps which come with decals and transfers so thought I’d give it a go. I bought two mounted knights and below are the images of The first one duly completed.  The second is under construction.

I have mixed feelings regarding the end result. On the one hand I think the model looks ok but on the other hand I can’t help but feel that using decals is a cheat on the painting.  Having said that, hand painting the lance proved a challenge and finally came good.  I will  complete the second model and post details in due course but the jury is out as to whether or not I will do some more.

My experiment on diversifying is not proving too successful. I need to do a few more WW1 figures and a couple of RAF figures for my model club which I am looking forward to doing but I’m missing the Old West. A new building diorama is being planned.  I don’t normally have projects running side by side but I think that will have to change.  In the meanwhile images of The First Knight!



25 thoughts on “TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 18)

  1. Great stuff, another one I’d either forgotten about myself or missed the first time. I’ve only ever painted one knight to completion but I can very much see the appeal. I know what you mean about decals, and I also find that all too often they look “stuck on” rather than being cohesive with the rest of the paint job. The trick is getting them to fit in, something you’ve managed here perfectly.

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    1. Decal softner is the key as it makes them much more pliable when it comes to the folds in the sculpt. Way beyond my skill level but there are people out there who freehand paint the heraldry. For those who like freehand I don’t think there is a period which provides a greater challenge.

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  2. Ooohhh who cant resist a knight in shining armour, takes me back a few years when i used to paint the Bretonnians by GW, all that regalia, heraldry and pomp is priceless, hope you do a diorama with some..

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  3. Nicve work here TIM – and as someone who takes pride in my freehand, I see nothing wrong at all with using decals on models. When you want or need something to be tiny and/or precise, there’s nothing that does the job quite as well.

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  4. Nice to see this knight, love the red and personally I encourage decal use when freehand cannot be done effectively. To an extent, decal application can be difficult and an art unto itself I find. Concur with your statement on decal softener, and I find the Microscale line to be quite good. As far as branching out from Western stuff, as long as the journey is fun and broadens your hobby chops, go for it. I will say that the Western stuff you paint clearly shows your passion.

    Of course, maybe you could combine your musical interest and in honor of the Moody Blues paint a knight in white satin? The danger is you might never reach the end 😆

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  5. Haha, love the Moody Blues reference Mark. Since this post originally came out I can’t believe how much I have diversified. Love the old west and it is where my roots are but I have learnt so much more from branching out. Best think I ever did.


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