Barons’ War – 28mm Footsore Miniatures (Knights No: 1)

As those that regularly follow this blog will know in “Memory Monday No: 18” and “Memory Monday No: 19” I recently re-posted details of two 28mm 1st Corps mounted knights I had done a few years ago.  Seeing these posts again made me want to revisit the genre so I did a little online searching and decided to buy some figures from Footsore Miniatures.  The figures I settled on were from the Barons’ War range.

I have bought Footsore Miniatures figures before and found them to be excellent so it came as no surprise to find that these were too.  After zero clean up I soon had them primed and ready for painting.  Unusually for me I did no background work on these figures in terms of colour schemes, I just picked up a brush and started to get on with it.  Two things were very clear though.  Only the tunic and the shield, both of which were plain and with no embossing, offered an oportunity for any variation.  I therefore decided to paint the tunics using two colours instead of one and to do them in quadrants.  As for the shields I figured I would hand paint designs as I went along.

What you have here are the first five figures I have done.  A few more will follow maybe next week.  Some single shots along with a group shot appear below.  My favourite thing was doing the Templar and Hospitaller scheme and free hand painting the crosses on the tunic.  For now I will do all the figures I have in a random fashion but I think I will revisit them again and maybe do a little diorama of just Templar or Hospitaller knights.



DSC_0588 (6)DSC_0584 (6)DSC_0586 (6)DSC_0587 (7)DSC_0585 (7)DSC_0587 (8)DSC_0584 (7)DSC_0586 (7)DSC_0593 (5)DSC_0594 (4)DSC_0595 (4)DSC_0596 (4)DSC_0589 (7)DSC_0591 (6)DSC_0592 (6)DSC_0590 (7)DSC_0592 (7)DSC_0590 (8)DSC_0589 (8)DSC_0591 (7)DSC_0593 (6)

35 thoughts on “Barons’ War – 28mm Footsore Miniatures (Knights No: 1)

  1. Uh oh! I saw this Kickstarter and with the names behind it, I knew it would be good!
    You’ve done a great job on these!
    Interesting period and superb minis- I keep saying to myself, “resist!”

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  2. An impressive effort Dave. These would look fantastic in a dio or on the tabletop. The freehand Maltese cross came out exceptionally well, especially considering that you painted it on an uneven surface.

    As this is #1, I am still hopeful that you have some in white satin in the future!

    Great post!

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  3. Knights are always cool and so it is awesome to see this latest group you’ve painted up. I’m even more excited to see what kind of diorama you’ve got cooked up. Should be awesome, if these are any indication!

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  4. Those are great (as ever!). The nice thing with knights is being able to give each one his own heraldry, you end up with a really interesting looking group. The final one (holding his helmet) has loads of personality to him, I don’t know what’s happened to him but he’s not looking happy about it!

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  5. A battle weary group if I ever saw one, they look amazing, would like to see a diorama with the Templar’s just breaking into an underground vault with the ark of the covenant on the other side, over to you ..

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