I don’t know if the sculptor of these two Hasslefree miniatures intended for them to go together but for me they are a natural fit.  The female figure goes by the name of “Pulse” and is one I have painted before.  How you get so much sex appeal into a 28mm figure I will never know.  The chap is called “Oscar”.

The idea of the two figures simply walking along was an obvious one given their design.  In my head Oscar has just said “It’s time to go” and then picked up his gun and bag and walked off leaving Pulse with little choice but to follow him.

The base was a very simple affair.  Dust and dirt ground work with a couple of bricks and a few pieces of wood (coffee stirrers, what else?) thrown in.  No need for anything more elaborate, the figures tell the story.

Images below.



27 thoughts on “Wastelands

  1. Nice work (yet again) on those jeans. Wish I had half the talent!

    I think I would have led with the second pic. I really like the pose there, though it hides a good deal of the nice painting work you did.

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      1. Some might say nothing too right either, haha! I’m fine with my paints, everyone has their own thing and style. We’re likely all great in our own ways!

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  2. Your right my friend they do work well together ,don’t you just love it when that happens !Nice work on the wood work ,it must be father like son as young IRO has done a nice job with some wood in his post just gone. I don’t normally have any complaints with your posts as they are always of a high standard and the viewer gets their moneys worth but this time I have to say you have been a tad stingy with the photos !!
    Oh Sh.. I had to find something wrong for once HA HA !!!

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  3. to be said in a high pitched voice, “escape to the country”, ” cottage needing a bit of renovation” , wait till i find that Jules…
    Cracking bit of painting and a great story too..

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  4. The minis look great and are well painted and I really like your basing on this one. It really sets the scene and captures that wasteland feel. Your work is inspiring as always! 🙂

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