TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 29)

One of the things I learnt from this little piece is that sometimes all you need is a couple of quality and well composed figures to tell a moving story.


Casualties of War

This week’s offering is a simple 28mm vignette of a couple of wounded WW1 British soldiers being attended by a clergyman officer.  I figured that within my growing sequence of scenes for WW1 something along these lines was a must have. Photos appear below.

The figures  – the one on the stretcher and the clergyman officer offering a cigarette – are both from Gripping Beasts while the standing smoking figure is from Great War Miniatures.  All white metal and excellent castings.

The Great War preceded the British National Health Service by some 30 years so back in those days a cup of tea and a woodbine was generally regarded as a “cure all”.  Whether you’d lost a limb, been the victim of a mustard gas attack or just suffering from undiagnosed post traumatic stress there was nothing like a fag, a cup of tea and a pretty nurse to ease the pain while reflecting on how lucky you were!

Brave men all of them. Arguably ignorant of what they signed up for but brave none the less. I do however wonder what they would have made of the world we now live in and if they felt their efforts were worth dying for?  Think I may need to set up another blog for the purpose of having a daily rant!

Wishing you all very Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year.




13 thoughts on “TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 29)

  1. Like IRO this one I missed this one also, reposting your has been worth it and I would truly take your advice that I do the same, I will try but I cant see anything happening soon as like many of us the lack of time is the problem. Great little piece mate and it really does send out a message from an era of fortitude that I feel is lacking in todays society, I’m not sure about over there mate but certainly here.

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    1. As and when you get the time Pat I for one would love to see your back catalogue. Things a hundred years ago were certainly very different that is for sure. I do wonder what the old soldiers would make of the world they gave their lives for? I’m guessing they wouldn’t have bothered!

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    1. That is an awesome video Mark. Never seen it before but very powerful and moving. Have saved it. Some incredible photo’s in there too. If I can find the figures, which is always the challenge, then there are some litle dios there to add to the timeline.

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      1. I knew you’d enjoy it. It really makes you think especially if you have any knowledge of WW1, the insanity of its origins, and the huge tragedy and losses of that conflict. The photo montages are effective, especially when you see how many nations they show. I could see you having some diorama concepts here for sure.

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