TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 33)

As part of my WW1 timeline I wanted to have a centre piece model and made up my mind that it would need to include a scratch built building of some sort.  I settled on the idea of a farm house and the finished result and final post appears below.  If you want to see or remind yourself how the building and diorama was constructed then please take a look at parts 1 through to 6 which you will be able to find scrolling through the WW1 menu above.


28mm Building Project No: 7 – WW1 Farmhouse Diorama

Off the Work bench!

This week was all about assembling the various bits and pieces to complete the diorama.  All in all it went together pretty well after some careful thought as to what should be placed into position first.  It wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve boxed myself into a corner but on this occasion I managed to avoid any such dilemmas.

Not a great deal to add in terms of narrative as I think I covered most aspects of the build in previous “On The Work Bench” posts.  Will be interesting to see what, if any, feedback I receive when it receives its first public outing.  If nothing else my mum likes it and thats good enough for me!

The aim of the diorama, as mentioned in the first post of this sequence, was to depict a small group of British soldiers making their way through the French/Belgium farming countryside.  Hopefully I managed to convey that.

Now on to the next project(s).  Still have a few WW1 items to do to complete the series but think I need a change of period in the coming weeks too so still deciding what next is on the agenda.

Pictures of the completed diorama below.






8 thoughts on “TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 33)

    1. Jumping straight to the final part on some models does speed things up a bit. This one was actually posted in Feb 2018 I think which seems incredible to think it is over two and half years old now. Will probably keep the Memory Monday posts going for just a little while longer but reaching the point where a break will be necessary before reviving it again at some point in the future and picking up from where I leave off.

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