TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 68)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


This weeks miniature is a little chap purchased from Crooked Dice.  Another case of a nicely composed figure which took my fancy.  Cannot recall what the site calls this figure and right now I am to lazy to look it up, so I will call him Brian.  Why?  No idea.

For me Brian had that Wastelands feel about him so I based him on a 25mm oak plynth and stood him on some cracked earth groundwork.

DSC_0656 (1)DSC_0659 (1)DSC_0657DSC_0658 (1)DSC_0660 (1)

Well It Made Me Laugh …



WIP Reports

A bit of audience participation required this week good people. 

As recently mentioned I have purchased some Table Top World items which will feature in a couple of dioramas I am starting to plan.  Now as much as I can churn a few single figures out in a week that ain’t gonna happen with these dioramas, they are going to take a while.  So here’s the thing.  Would you prefer to see work in progress posts as I go along with the completed model at the end or, the completed model followed by posts on how it was built?

Please be kind enough to comment below.  Thank you.



As I no longer have a to do pile following some rebranding of the pile title I decided this week to “invest” in some more figures.  Some from each of Hasslefree, Reaper and Crooked Dice.  Everyone guaranteed to significantly increase in value after my death or your money back.  


This week TIM has been listening to …

“Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel.  A nice little classic.


This week TIM has been watching…

“True Romance” starring Chritian Slater and Patricia Arquette.  Can’t beat a bit of true love.




If you think you will regret something in the morning then sleep until noon.



31 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 68)

  1. love it dave, i love the feel of the guy and painted beautifully, really suits the environment. I personally would like to WIP pictures, its nice to see the thought process.. the joke really made me laugh..

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  2. Excellent work Tim, looks good as a post apoc figure, I think it would work from WW2 onwards as he also has a resistance fighter feel to him.
    As for the posts WIP posts as you go is my vote

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  3. I’m very envious of that very fashionable vest he’s wearing. Must’ve had some money, while the “old world” was rockin’. He’s sportin’ a very Fallout-looking (the PC game) look I think. Great composition with the cracked (scorched) earth. But TIM, no blue-jeans this time? 😀
    Great grizzly but neat looking face and leather, that looks like leather. That Kalashnikov is also great!
    I also have nice toys. 😀
    I’d like to see wip of the diorama as you’re doing it and not so much afterwards.
    Reaper Minis are also quite nice, if you get their better sculpts, their Warlord range and Pathfinder looked very promising, as well as their black-bones stuff. I really wanted to try the black-bones one day, as it promised high quality resin for cheap of otherwise more or less expensive metal models and their white bones resin stuff looks awful.
    Peter Gabriel is almost always nice, apart from his newer stuff which is very sad in tone and mostly very quiet. “Diggin in the Dirt” is a song, I can hear all day long.

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    1. Glad you like the mini and well spotted that this one has no jeans 😉 Based on comments so far WIP posts as I go seems to be the order of the day. Quite how they will work out remains to be seen but if you have comments then be sure to let me know. 🙂

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  4. Great work on Brian – especially nice work on his beard and there’s a subtle colour to his hat that makes it look very natural. Regarding the WIPs why not a bit of both? You could show WIPs as you go along (always interesting to see how things are progressing and provides you with plenty of content) and then after the piece is complete if there’s anything that you thought deserved a ‘how to’ or that readers have been particularly interested in, then (using all those handy photographs you took for the WIP posts!) you can put together an article/s looking more closely at those parts of the build that deserve more attention or a step-by-step explanation. Mind you, that sounds like a lot of work even to me, so maybe just stick with the WIP posts like everyone else is suggesting! 😉

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  5. He looks awesome and reminds me a bit of someone you’d see in The Road if you’re familiar with the book/movie. It is not a nice world to live in but you captured some of that grimness with Brian really well. I like the limited color palette on this guy as it really brings the setting to life.

    I’d like to see WIP of the terrain. I’m working on something that is hopefully less complicated and quicker to turn around than I imagine the TableTop World stuff will be and I plan on sharing my thoughts as I work on it so that I might get some tips or inspiration from regular readers. I figure if I do it the other way around, then I’m preventing that from happening most likely.

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  6. True romance is brilliant. I love the back n forth between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper. I also like Brad Pitts character. This was before Brad made the big time. Brian look like you after this pandemic has runs it course haha. Seriously, he’s great. I like the colours you went for and the cracked earth looks very cool. On WIPs, I personally like em. They’re like previews or trailers before an epic movie comes out. Plus it’s fascinating to see how you go about things but by bit. Gives me ideas and encourages me to try new things. Hope that helps matey.

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  7. Well, Brian is well done – though I think he has a “1,000 yard stare” that you brought out well.

    As for WIP, I am of a few minds. My stuff mostly gets put together in one post, with WIP included. I like that way of sharing the whole story of the project. Now WIP posts do that as well, but I think they lose a bit of impact at times, but not always as some of your posts have shown. I think if you have a process to share that you think is of interest and/or particularly successful, a WIP is perfectly fine. I think in the end you should vary your approach to keep it interesting. Sometimes do a pure WIP,sometimes do a start to finish, sometimes an end project, and sometimes a “how-to”. You write well enough and photograph well enough. Variety is the spice of life! My two cents anyways, or pence or whatever is equivalent!

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