“Who’s There?” – A 28mm Diorama

Time for a little diorama, a welcome change from doing quite a lot of single figures recently.  As I wait to get the various bits I need to start a couple of larger dioramas I thought I would get back into the dirorama groove with a simple little one.

What we have here are two figures I thought went together well.  The little girl is from Statuesque Miniatures which I first came across when I saw IRO do a great little scene with her quite sometime ago (sorry IRO I was looking to include a link to your post but couldn’t find it) and the other is from Crooked Dice.

The idea of the girl seeking to find something she heard, with what it was behind her, was a simple idea given the composition of both figures.  After that it was just a case of how to base it.  I had a few options but for some reason I settled on this one.  Not entirely sure I pulled it off but I was looking to create a dark cave entrance and the end result was just about OK.  I wanted an earthy effect on the walls which I managed to achieve using … earth!  A handful from the garden mixed with PVA and a little acrylic paint and then dry brushed and away you go.     

Finally, for those of you who like a bit of fluff to go with a figure(s) all I can say is it doesn’t end well for the little girl!


PS – OK so the little girl gets away safe and sound!



25 thoughts on ““Who’s There?” – A 28mm Diorama

  1. I figured the little girl got away alright, but what about the poor mummy? I reckon that kid has a mean right hook on her when she wants to! Great stuff as ever, good to see you getting your diorama mojo back 🙂

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  2. Great looking little Dio Tim, tells a story well and could easily be open to multiple story interpretations. When I look at it it could be that the girl is actually a lure for the creature to entice others into the cave, as his hand above her head says ” Master of Puppets ” to me

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    1. Thanks Dave. I agree, as dio’s go this one is open to many interpretations. As figures go every now and then one comes along which can be used in just so many ways and for me the little girl is one such figure. Will definitely be buying a couple more of her for other ideas I have at some point in the future.

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  3. Wow! This is quite different than many of the dioramas I’ve seen you do and it is scary and appropriate for the fall I would say. I really like the cave entrance which looks pretty real/believable to my eyes. The cloak that the mummy has on has some nice, vibrant reds too. I’m looking forward to seeing the larger dioramas now as this one is quite impressive 🙂

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  4. TIM is baaaaaaaak! Diorama-wise anyways.

    I love seeing this and all the interpretations of other bloggers. Maybe the mummy is an evil guardian angel equivalent? Or actually controlled by the little girl…so many possibilities which shows the greatness of the work. I’m excited to see more from you, excellent!

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