TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 37)

This post went out in March 2018, I can’t believe that was two and half years ago.  How time flies!  I need to check how far I am away from completing the WW1 Timeline I set out to do back then.  I have a few more posts that weren’t WW1 but I think once I hit the end of WW1 project it will be time to put Memory Monday to bed for a while.  The aim was to give some older posts an airing for people who weren’t following me back then but there is a point when it is close to being repetitive for those who were.  The end is nigh!


28mm WW1 Vignette – Vickers Gun Crew

Not the best of weeks but I managed to complete this outstanding WW1 Vignette and begin work on a new WW2 project, more of which in a separate post to follow.

Throughout my WW1 project I’ve tried to steer away from the slightly more convention images of war in an effort to tell the story in a different way.  As commendable as this idea was, in my own mind at least, there is a point at which something’s have to appear.  A Vickers Gun Crew being one such example.

Once again I turned to Empress Miniatures.  They really do some great figures and these came under the banner of the Mutton Chop range.  Composition is basic, there’s only so much you can do and in this instance only so much that I wanted to do.  From a timeline perspective it was also a model that I could fit in pretty much anywhere within the sequence.

Another one down, only two more to go.  Beginning  to lag a little now but I will get there! This one is one of my least favourites and I wasn’t going to post it today but for the fact that I would have failed my self imposed deadline. The groundwork leaves a little to be desired, the photos don’t help, so at some point I will go back and revisit it.


20180307_155950DSC_0805 (1)DSC_0808 (1)DSC_0806 (1)

10 thoughts on “TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 37)

  1. Interesting that you say you weren’t too keen on it at the time, whilst I’d say it’s a powerful piece and its simplicity, especially of the groundwork, is one of its great strengths. Have your thoughts on it shifted at all over the last (gulp!) two and a half years? And did you ever go back and revisit it?

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    1. Thank you. In some ways this was an odd piece relative to the others. As I remember I was very keen to do models of WW1 which others didn’t do. Everyone does loads of mud and tanks and trenches and I didn’t really want that. This piece was in some ways neither one thing nor the other and looking at it again now I’m still inclined to think that is still the case. The photo’s don’t help either but as with all of us I tend to be my own worst critic. That said the big thing about Memory Monday for me is reminding myself of the journey I have been on. I never go back and alter a model, when it’s done it’s done. I don’t mind doing them again, always assuming you can still get the figures but as I said they are my audit trail and it is nice to look back. 🙂

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  2. its a nice diorama, but boy you have come on in leaps and bounds since then, i think it needs another dark wash on the mud, hope you dont mind me saying..

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  3. This is an interesting piece which shows a lot of changes in your style and while Steve is probably right that the ground is lacking in shadows, I kind of like how you went with more of a clay soil and its interesting how the base matches the ground color. I haven’t see many displays bases do that and I think it works well on this piece 🙂

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  4. Mg-position, such an iconic picture for WW1 and 2. Really like it! The details are great as usual, especially that walkie-talkie or field-phone and the barbwire!
    Empress Miniatures is a company I have set my eyes on, really wanna get some of their Germans – especially the maxim-machine-gun crew!
    On that note, I got myself a 1914 Germans pack of infantry running from Great War minis, which are also quite decent.

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