Lady In Red

For various reasons I found myself with very little time to do any modelling, in fact I count myself lucky that I even got this one done.  The figure is from Crooked Dice and if it has a name I can’t remember what it is and at this moment in time I am feeling far to lazy to look it up!  What can I say, it’s been one of those weeks.

Not a great deal to say about the figure itself other than I decided to experiment with some much darker shadowing than I normaly would for the seams of her dress.  For me it made the figure more striking and I rather liked the end result.  You good reader may think differently and if you do then please feel free to comment below.



26 thoughts on “Lady In Red

  1. Finding hobby time can be tough sometimes, hang in there guy! Nice work on the dress and mini.
    The darker wash gives it sort of a satin feel. Think you’re onto something!

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  2. Great work Tim, and as long as your happy with the result, that’s all that matters.
    If you want to experiment further try shading red with purple, or if your up for a bit of blending try blue

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  3. Same here, University work eats up my time, as some deadlines were approaching, so I only have finished another head…
    Great mini, very expressive. I think it would fit indoors or in the shade very well. I actually love how her gloves came out, the black has perfect highlights.

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  4. I agree with others above that if you like it, that is what the most important thing! I think she is a tough one to maximize contrast on because she has so many folds on her dress that layering would be difficult (that would be my go-to recommendation usually). The method you used with a wash was probably the best way to heighten the contrast so I’d say job well done πŸ™‚

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