TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 70)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


“King of the Castle”.

As kids it’s a game we used to play and for whatever reason the composition of this figure reminded me of that and of a time gone by.  The figure is from Hasslefree and goes by the name of “Alyx” and it is one I have painted a couple of times before, albeit in other variants as it comes with three choices of arms.  I just love the attitude of this figure and as sculpts go it has to be one of my favourites.



Well It Made Me Laugh …



Monday Monday 

Originally the song title to a track by the Mamas and the Papas but in this case it is a reference to my Memory Monday posts.  To cut to the chase Memory Monday will come to and end in a few weeks time, not entirely sure exactly when but I will keep you posted.  The last post I have planned will be when I reach the concluding part of my WW1 timeline.  Memory Monday will return but it needs a break.  I’m conscious of the fact that for many of you now it is becoming repetative as it wasn’t long enough ago that they were originally posted.  Not sure how long the break will take but it will be for a few months that is for sure.

What will you replace it with TIM?

Well I am glad you asked me that dear reader.  For a period of time it will be replaced by “Dio-Bolical Monday”.  I have a couple of dioramas planned and as you know these don’t get get done in five minutes so, like it or not, Dio-Bolical Monday is going to be charting my progress on these builds.  Will it be interesting?  Maybe, maybe not but either way you’re stuck with it!


This week TIM has been listening to …

“You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC.  Needed to blow away a few cobwebs and something loud was the order of the day.  Never quite got the cloth cap or school boy look but the track is a classic.


This week TIM has been watching…

“Fury” starring Brad Pitt.

If I ever do get around to doing a tank, and I’m not saying I will, it will either be the “Oddball” tank from Kelly’s Heroes or this one from Fury.  A tough decison and one which will probably never be made because it’s that tough!  And before anyone makes the suggestion, no I am not doing them both.




Surround yourself with people who have issues because people who have issues always have alcohol.



29 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 70)

    1. Oddly I got the same self-help diagnosis, spooky! Dio-Bolical Monday is a good few weeks away but hopefully it will be of some interest, time will tell of course. As for Fury, Hollywood will always apply poetic licence but they really ought to sign people like you up so they can get things right. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’d probably nit-pick too much! My wife says I should get a job reviewing and editing the captions that authors use to accompany photographs in books – it’s quite surprising the amount of times photo captions can be wrong!

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Nice looking mini, but you have to tell us more about that base! Is that a chunk of rock?! Looks awesome.

    Sadly, the Rock reference reminds me that Eddie Van Halen has passed. Lot of people were probably surprised he lives this long, but still sad.

    Fury is a great movie. One of my Wife’s faves, though she pretty much loved any war movie.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The rock is carved from a piece of plaster board, I believe Mark Morin said that in the US it is called Rock Wall? It’s great stuff for modelling that’s for sure. As for your wife she has great taste in movies if not in men! 😉 Shame about EVH but as you say he probably did well to live as long as he did.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Hmm, I’ll have to check that out. Is the plaster board fairly durable? I’m thinking of “sheet rock”, but that stuff crumbles like chalk and I imagine it would be a pain in the butt to work with.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. My mistake, it was sheet rock that Mark mentioned. Not sure if it is the same as plaster board but certainly the stuff I have been using doesn’t crumble that easily but it is easy to carve and works a treat as far as I am concerned.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Great sculpt and great attitude too, painting is really nice. I have told my wife to get several large bags of popcorn in readiness for the up coming WIP pics, can’t wait..

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  3. Right, am I missing the joke here somewhere – I can’t see numbers in any of those circles! Actually that’s not entirely true, I can see the big “10” in the bottom middle circle so I don’t need to buy any more models, but I’m going to ignore that because damn it, I want to!

    Super work on Alyx, I really like that miniature myself. You can’t go wrong with a bit of AC/DC (even if the costumes were a bit odd). Looking forward to Dio-Bolical Monday 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Haha I love the devil horns on the sculpt!! She oozes attitude. I’ve really been enjoying the memory Monday’s mate but I’m very much looking forward to Dio-Bolical Monday’s. I’m just glad it was
    Dio-Rear Monday’s ahahaha. Fury is an awesome movie. Did you know that Brad and Shia didn’t get along AT all during filming and even on the promotional circuit there were tensions. I think it only added to the tension in the film actually. I really like the standoff at the end but also the weird drama and tension during the appartments scene with the girls.

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  5. Isn’t this the girl from the mummy? Is the mummy okay? Is the mummy telling her to do that?! Was this the thing the mummy was showing her? I somehow get the feeling the mummy’s name is Eddy and he’s been taking her to a lot of Maiden concerts….

    Love her shoes especially. Great paint-job overall.

    I’ve heard that fury is a very decent modern-day war-movie and that they build the only in-existence working model Pz.Kpfw. VI (Tiger I) for it, which is impressive.

    From AC/DC I somewhat prefer the old singer, the one with the bagpipe, Live Wire is such a genius song + MV.

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