Inspector Abberline

This week we have my penultimate 28mm Twisted Miniatures steampunk figure from Demented Games and this one goes by the name of Inspector Abberline.  As with the other five I have done the figure has a very nice lot of detail to pick out and paint.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I will get the seventh and final figure done.  That said I have just  looked at the site to check I had gotten the name of this figure right and couldn’t help but notice a few that I would like to buy!  For now I will resist the temptation, I simply have so much other stuff to do.  I do love this hobby but my list of things I want to do multiplies faster than Covid-19!

What can I tell you about this figure?  Very little really.  The base was made using bricks I made from a silicone mold I bought a while back but until now had never used.  Although the mold only measures about 2 inches by 3 inches it makes 200 bricks!  The street lamp added a nice touch and was spare from a set of ten I bought some time ago.  If you look closely at the writing on the type writer paper it reads “why are you trying to read this they are just straight black lines”!



29 thoughts on “Inspector Abberline

  1. I love the sculpt, so much going on and painted so well, I do love your colour choices. I don’t know much about the whacky world of steampunk and just for me I think this figure would benefit from just being an inspector , the street lamp adds a lot of atmosphere to it, and the lighting makes it tense, love it.

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    1. I like the victorian period and a little Science Fiction so merging the two into steampunk is and interesting fusion. I wouldn’t say it is a genre I’m into as such but it does throw up some interesting figures from a painting perspective. As for this figure I do agree with you, he would work well just as an inspector. It would be an easy conversion too. Something for me to revisit at some point perhaps, especially if I can find an appropriate sidekick figure to go with him. 🙂

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  2. This is another great sculpt from Demented Games and your paint job is excellent as well. I love all of the little details you painted from his shirt to the gears on his backpack. The lamp post really sets the mood perfectly too. As I have said before, it is always really tempting to join in on the fun when you’re painting these steampunk minis. They just look like a blast to paint 🙂

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  3. Well hasn’t Dr. Watson become quite ingenious. Must be Holmes testing some crazy new inventions again on him!
    I read the parchment, though I’m not sure what’s going on, somehow there’s now a demon sitting on my bed…. He said something about giving me many nice minis to paint if I sign in lines like these.

    Those bricks look like work… But they’re also so very great. I love that look and really have to find the time to do them myself!
    Your skill on the lantern is impressive, really dig the bronze-effects on it. As for the his sweatshirt, those checkers were probably more work than the bricks even… Great stuff TIM!

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    1. Thank you. He was a nice figure to paint and could be easily be converted. If I could find a suitbale partner in crime for him then I might even do that one day. As for the check shirt I try when I can to add some freehand paint work in an effort to make a figure more unique. 🙂

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      1. I think a fitting holmes would probably really easy to be found, but its actually a great idea making a steam punk themed Sherlock Holmes and Watson, maybe add a Irene Adler and a Moriarty and a nice dark Victorian London scene – I can see that working great!

        Definetly some great free-hand work, I’m always happy when I get single straight lines done haha

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  4. Steampunk stuff by you is inspired, really. So many great color choices and freehand as described aptly by others. What I like most is that your Steampunk stuff always has a bit of a smirk about it – really cool.

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