TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 77)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


This weeks miniature is a 28mm figure from Reaper, a young lady who goes by the name of Kristianna and who lists her occupation as a Crusader Warlord.  I suspect she had no problem getting through passport control, assuming any of us can remember that term these days!  When you buy this figure it comes with a little lad too.  As far as I can see he is not named so I don’t know if he is a son or some sort of aide but it’s all irrelevant because I haven’t painted him yet, not even sure I will but I wont rule it out completely (I have).

Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord

As always with a single figure I am finding it harder and harder to say much about them these days.  The paint job was straight forward enough and I didn’t have it in me to do any freehand.  Perhaps I need to start making up some character blurb to go with it?  Not sure I have the imagination that others do for that sort of stuff but one to ponder perhaps.  Which is typically my way of saying I wont do it.



Well It Made Me Laugh



Covid-19 – Lockdown 2 The Sequel

Back in the days of the first lockdown it was as, far as I was concerned, a fun time.  The sun was shining, the roads were quiet and most people were scared shitless so we had no holiday makers to speak of in the South West.  All in all life was pretty good but for the threat of impending doom. 

Now the UK is part way through the second lockdown and so far I can’t say I am enjoying it much.  Don’t get me wrong I am playing my part once again and following all the rules but the weather is crap, the days are short and I spend most of the time trying to get my waterproof clothes dry in readiness for the next dog walk.  Oddly I am getting less modelling done too which quite frankly is bazaar.  

Sequels are all to often a disappointment and this one is no different.  On the positive side there is much talk of a vaccine.  I wont be top of the list to receive it when ever that is but my age shouldn’t put me at the bottom either.  In any event the time frame is some ways off so it looks very much like the sequel will in fact become a mini series.  Here’s hoping none of us find ourselves in the boxed set. 


Give Me Five

This week I thought I would go for films with a war theme set earlier than WW2.  Go back as far as you like.  In no particular order I ended up with the list below.  Again I suspect age comes into this. 

  1. Zulu (1964)
  2. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
  3. All quiet on the Western Front (1930)
  4. Paths of Glory (1957)
  5. Ran (1985)


This week TIM has been listening to …

“I Love It” by Icona Pop.  Even at my age I can bounce to this one.  Any record with the lyrics “I don’t Care”, “You’re from the 70’s but I’m a nineties bitch” and “I threw your shit in a bag and pushed it down the stairs” works for me. 


This week TIM has been watching …

“TheGood Liar” starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen.  I do like Helen Mirren in particular so this was a must watch film for me.  Very enjoyable.  A twist was expected from the very start which gives nothing away but the story line shoots off in an unexpected way.  I’ll say no more. 



Remember …

Two can keep a secret if one is floating down the river.



20 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 77)

  1. Excellent work on the maiden TIM, she strikes me as part lady, part badass. The boy reminds me of a ward carrying her equipment.
    as for pre WW2 films 300, 300 rise of an empire, but technically they’re more fantasy as they’re based off the graphic novels.
    The Good Liar is on my list to watch when the wife has time to sit and watch it with me

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  2. Lovely work on the lady, nice figure too. Great joke, very true! I like the “Pride and the Passion” (another Christmas classic).

    Haven’t seen the “Good Liar” but i do like Helen Mirren, but I think the best thing I’ve ever seen her in is where she put Michael Parkinson in his place in that interview they did many years ago!!

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Kristianna is looking good, and I’m sure the page/squire/whatever he is will find a home in a diorama someday, as soon as you find a suitable knight. I know what you mean about struggling to find anything to say about some models, one of these days I’ll just give up and write “Look, here’s a model I painted, what more do you want?!”

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Kristianna is a great fantasy sculpt. Sometimes it nice to see “generic” high fantasy miniatures like her. They just feel timeless to me and make me nostalgic for some reason. Reaper seems to be about as good of a source as you can find for that kind of thing as well. You did a great job as always on her and I like the vibrant colors you chose.

    For war movies, I can only think of one at the moment and it is a classic. The Alamo! I really enjoyed that one as a kid for some reason. Perhaps one day I shall visit San Antonio and see it for myself.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Nice looking lass Dave, well done again!
    It was my last day today !!! of to retirement !! and tomorrow the good wife and I drive to the SA border to pickup Tech Adviser who we haven’t been able to see for eleven months due to the border lock down. She has been able to obtain a permit to cross tomorrow so it will be a bit emotional ! I’m looking forward to seeing the border guards reactions when the tears flow from mother and daughter!!!

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  6. Congrats to Pat on retirement – I definitely am enjoying my (mostly) retired status.

    Back to your post Dave – I think the small boy is her squire maybe? Love the colors you put on her – and as for backstory, if it doesn’t move you, screw it. More time for painting and humorous posts from you so that’s a win.

    Sorry about the lockdown and we’re in similar circumstances. I see a lot of data in my part-time health official role, so it’s going to be worse here before it gets better. The good news is that death rates are lower than before, but if you’re one of the dead not so much. Stay safe and paint! Weather here is going south but New England is New England.

    Lastly, on the movie list:

    1. Sergeant York
    2. Zulu (me too)
    3. 1917
    4. 300
    5. Conan the Barbarian (that happened right? 😆)

    I make that last joke because I played golf with an older friend who thought GoT was historical fiction.

    Stay safe!

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    1. When all is said and done retirement should be about fun and time for your self. Definitely something I need to work harder at that is for use. Life will I hope change for the better after lockdown, my priorities have changed I know that much. Good film list and I’m pretty sure Conan was based on historical fact. 😉

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  7. As you read, I also didn’t do much and similar to you I also am upset with the second lockdown here. While I wished in January for a sixth month holiday from everyday life, after 10 I actually would like to have a drink and meet friends for once.
    But btt: This particular Reaper Warlord Mini is one of their more iconic ones and most often the sculpt isn’t done justice. Zooming in very close on your rendition it looks like you actually did reflection in the eyes, which I really like. She’s a well done mini all over and I liked here theme anyways.
    Did you know that Blue Öyster Cult actually release a new album shortly? I actually enjoy it very much, give it a try if you’re bored.
    Can’t say much to movies/series, as I’ve given up on most of them, after The Boys II turned shit, Seth Rogen influence shows again. And I’m back to reading.
    That said, stay safe and do what you enjoy, a break can also be nice from time to time!

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