Ilnerik Sivanshin

The last couple of weeks have been pretty shitty in modelling terms.  Nothing has gone wrong on the painting and building side.  The problem has been that nothing really got done!  I am retired and in lockdown due to Covid-19 and some how still could not find the time to get any hobby activity in.  Why was this?  Well that is bloody good question to which the answer is Parish Council business. 

In a mad moment a few years ago I agreed to get involved with parish affairs.  I fell for the line “its a breeze”.  It’s not.  The last two weeks have been insightful to say the least but my term in office will come to an end by year end (well that’s the plan).  Not because elections are due but because I intend to tell them to fuck off.  If Covid-19 has taught me anything it is that life is to short to spend time discussing meaningless shit, especially if it takes needless time away from my hobby.

The good news is that I did manage to get this little chap finished.  Over the last two week I have picked him up and put him down more times than I have been to the toilet this year.  Now there’s a thought to leave you with!

The figure itself is from the 28mm Reaper Pathfinder range and goes by the name of “Ilnerik Sivanshin”.  Now I do like Reaper figures as many of you know by now and this one piece casting had sufficient detail to be interesting.  If I have one disappointment it is with the base.  I was pretty happy with the paint job but in my haste to get something finished cut corners on the base.  I think the completed figure was deserving of something much better.  I’ll see how I feel about that in a few days time.  There is always the option to try and sell this one on Ebay and simply do another.

Images below.



27 thoughts on “Ilnerik Sivanshin

  1. Hey mate I’m impressed with this guy, well done. Oh mate I’m not surprised you have had enough of the council thing as I new from the start you were not suited to that role, I wont go on about what I think of them, we have a special breed over here! so I’m sure you will perk up in no time when you finish up!!!

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  2. Never volunteer for anything I find is a good rule to live by! I used to run our local wargames club (well I did start it!) , and I found I spend more of the time sorting out stuff and talking to the caretakers than actually playing any games!

    Lovely painting on that figure, maybe the base is a little plain, but there are places where there isn’t loads of crap on the floor (not in our house by there are places elsewhere!).

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Excellent work on the figure TIM, I think the less cluttered base helps the figure by not distracting from all the detail you’ve painted on the model.
    Good call on dropping the extra work, will hopefully be a weight off your shoulders, and allow the hobby creativity flow once more

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  4. That is too bad about your volunteer work. I can see where that would become a drag over time though and don’t blame you for stepping aside from it if you aren’t enjoying it. I hope doing so gets you out of your painting funk as well.

    Great job with this latest Reaper sculpt. I think it might be elven (which I have a soft spot for) but I can’t quite tell. Regardless, I like the color scheme you chose. I agree that base could use a little something, maybe some extra rocks would do the trick? I find some irregular shaped cork pieces do the trick though you can use smaller pebbles too if you like. Either way, I’m sure you’ll get it sorted 🙂

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    1. Nicely painted. I agree with Kuribo in that some pebbles and the like would jazz up the base quite a bit. Maybe some texture goop/paint? Agree with you about the Reaper miniatures; they are very neat. The company seems a worthy successor to the companies I grew up with, such as Ral Partha.

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  5. Nice job on this guy,you’ve painted him quite well. The coat is, as others have already written, so well done. I like the way you did the face, almost like Malcolm McDowell/Clockwork Orange like expression wise. I too feel your pain on the public service front as I got elected to a three year term on the Board of Health in 2019 only to find myself elected as the chairman in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic when the former chairwoman (whose husband talked me into running for the board in 2019) chose not to seek re-election. I decided that my skill sets would be of use to the town and my Duty, Honor, Country gene kicked in (a West Point thing) so I too lose hobby time during my admittedly early retirement. On the plus side there’s a little money and my daughter got elected this year as the third board member so we get to work together which is fun and interesting. On the minus side I get to try to enforce COVID restrictions on an unwilling public, oh so much fun (insert sarcasm here).

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    1. To make matters worse Mark I do not even get paid! I do like the idea of giving back the same as you do. All I want in return is a little appreciation and understanding but all I seem to get is non-constructive feedback, ignorance and criticism from people unwilling to do anything. Sadly this is the world we live in, life in the UK 2020!

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