Hans – Post Apocalypse Survivor

This weeks model is another 28mm figure from Reaper and goes by the name of Hans who just happens to be an apocalypse survivor.  I quite like the apocalypse genre and if I can find some more figures then I wouldn’t mind seeing what I can do by way of a diorama.  Can’t say I have any actual ideas of what to do but the right figures will inspire me I am sure although I would quite like to do something with a car in it.

As a figure I quite like Hans and will have to take a look at what else Reaper do.  I decided to go for a rugged look and settled on some facial stubble and combat trousers to toughen him up a little.  Just need to tidy up the edge of the base and decide if I am going to keep him and mount him on a little oak plinth.

Images below.



36 thoughts on “Hans – Post Apocalypse Survivor

  1. Excellent work on the survivor TIM, the camo pattern is exceptional as is the other details.
    My own company does some apocalyptic vehicles scaled for 28 mm, but they are resin, so not much use for you I’m afraid

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  2. Really lovely painting Tim, and a great bit of Camo too. Dave does do some very nice post apoc vehicles, I painted a couple up the other year…. https://rantingsfromunderthewargamestable.wordpress.com/2018/08/09/brum-brum/

    Check out EM4 for survivors, they have the old Grenadier “Future Warriors”, though the range is shrinking as they don’t seen to be replacing models once they sell out now, also Mark Copplestones own range at Northstar Miniatures, is excellent too.

    For vehicles the “James Bond” car collection cars (they were sold with a magazine a while back), are perfect matches for 28mm fig’s and can be bought off of Ebay for between £5 and £10 in general, I’ve got the Mach1 Mustang for Xmas, that I plan on doing something with later next year.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Glad you like Hans Roger and thanks for the link and comments. The resin cars you did which Dave sells look excellent I must say and well worthy of a much closer look. You did a great job on them. The James Bond cars have really got me thinking too. My appetite for an apocalypse diorama has grown considerably thanks to these ‘finds’. I might try and get an old car to experiment with as I sense there is some techniques to play with here. Plenty of time to check out. Need to get my two big (by my standards) dioramas done first. 🙂


  3. Looks excellent! I can see why a chap like that would survive the apocalypse better than a lot of us! I really like post apocalyptic stuff myself – looking forward to seeing that diorama when you settle on an idea.

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  4. Great work on the camouflage pants, very effective. Clearly you must have painted this as a self portrait, no? Or just the abs? Or just the stubble! 😀. In any case, really well executed painting and I like the base too. Would love to see you do anything post-apocalyptic. Or anything, always a joy to see. Cheers!

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  5. Nice one, I do like the stubble and the campo. The Post-Apoc genre is always a pretty fun one. I think some more good films in that category would be great, as I usually can’t get enough of them. As for diorama, I get a mental image of a stack of worn out tires, a section of brick wall, and probably some barbed wire around, maybe a guard post would be interesting. But I’m sure you’ve probably got about a million ideas in that brain of yours! 🙂

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  6. Hans looks great and if he can’t make it in the apocalypse, I think he’d make a great 80’s action star! 😀 I really like the stubble and the combat pants. It really makes him look the business. I like the addition of bricks on the base as well. I wouldn’t mind seeing some dead looking grass as an alternative to flowers though The Walking Dead often features a more lush apocalypse where nature is starting to reclaim buildings so maybe those fit your vision of the apocalypse as well 🙂

    Speaking of The Walking Dead, Mantic make a line of minis for TWD that could be worth plucking from if you need more post-apocalyptic minis besides what Reaper offers. They’re reasonably affordable and a pretty good quality as well.


      1. Some of the sculpts are of very background characters which I would think would be more useful to you whereas others like Rick, the main character, might be too “iconic” for you to want to use but it is certainly worth a look. As they say, it doesn’t cost anything to look around 🙂

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  7. You had me at Apocalypse but I nearly fell off my chair when I read you’re considering a diorama. I’d love to see what you come up with mate but I have plenty of ideas if you struggle finding inspiration hehe. Hans is one cool dude. Love that Camo.

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  8. Awesome job mate, I do love a bit of post-apocalypse & you’ve done the figure proud. Makes me chuckle that even after the big ‘A’, this dude is still packing in the protein & hitting the gym 5 times a week 😂

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  9. Sweet work, those camo trousers have come out particularly well; it’s not easy to paint good camo at this scale. I see that Hans has found a working gym to keep his washboard stomach during the apocalypse.

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