TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 91)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


I decided a review of my bits box and all of my modelling stuff was long overdue.  Time I felt to clear out the stuff that I would never ever finish or even start in the first place.  In theory this was a good idea but in practice it turned out to be a little depressing.  I had no idea I had accumulated so much stuff that I had forgotten about.  Only recently I had thought all of my knights had been done but oh! no.  Consequently this week, and by way of a change from Hasslefree and Knuckleduster, I have a Footsore Knight, one of half a dozen foot knights I aim to work on until I get bored.  All rather plain and simple but that I’m afraid is where my level of interest began and ended so not very exciting.

Overall I did manage to clear out some bits and I certainly tidied things up a lot that’s for sure but on the downside, largely out of guilt, my to do pile grew even bigger.  I was confronted with the inevitable choice of getting them all done or bothering only to do some.  It was time to man up or be a mouse.  Squeak.  Yep, I put most of them back and decided to face them all another day.



Well It Made Me Laugh



The Wednesday Whinge

I’m not one to shy away from a controversial subject, truth be told I like a grown up debate on pretty much anything but lockdown is preventing me form going to the pub with my mate John and putting the world to rights.  As a consequence this part of my blog is taking on the temporary role of filling this void until lockdown is eased.  This week I thought I would consider the subject of bullying, specifically when is the line truly crossed?

When I was a lad at school bullying was clearly defined, if you were physically picked on or had things like your dinner money stolen you were being bullied.  Pretty much everything else came under the banner of “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”.  In short, man up was essentially the message of the day.  Tough love and not great but that was the situation back then and as someone with ginger hair (its auburn son, not ginger) I had more than my fair share of verbal “banter” and one or two fights along the way.  Even my teachers would single me out at times! 

In fairness everyone back then got picked on for something, typically the characteristic that made them standout – glasses/four eyes, the fat kid, the tall lanky one, the ginger, the nerd, the spotty kid, etc.  Like it or lump these were their distinguishing features and kids as we know can be cruel.  Tabloid Cartoonists work in exactly the same way by highlighting key characteristics and then emphasising them and yet ironically that’s considered acceptable.  But is it funny or cruel?  Even the tough kids weren’t exempt.  Generally they were considered thick but you just didn’t tell them to their face!

So, back in my youth was any of that acceptable?  Certainly not by today’s standards but that was the way it was and why for some people of my generation it is hard to determine what is and what isn’t bullying in the modern world.   Being beaten up is still way out of line and we have rightly moved on in recognising other forms of bullying behaviour, well in theory at least.  Verbal bullying is unpleasant of course it is (I certainly never enjoyed it) as is online bullying and other forms but does it all need to be reported or just simply ignored?  Social media has a lot to answer for but why not switch it off? 

I’m not condoning any of this type of behaviour but I do wonder in a general sense if we are pampering a little too much to some people’s sensitivities?  Some kids and adults too these days strike me as overly fragile.  As I hold out little hope of bullying ever being stamped out completely  I do fear for those of a weaker disposition and wonder if the subject wasn’t better deat with when I was a kid. 


Give Me Five

Last week I chose my top 5 dinner guests no longer with us, this week if I have chosen my top 5 people currently alive who I would like to chat with over dinner and glass or two of wine.  To provide a mix I went for a politician, comedian, sports person, actor/actress and a TV personality.  I did also cheat in that I would have two evenings, the other would be just me with Jenna Coleman.  It’s my blog so my rules and if I want to cheat I will!  As to the five, in no particular order they are:

  1. Boris Johnson
  2. Lee Mack
  3. Alex Morgan
  4. Tom Cruise
  5. Amanda Holden


This week TIM has been listening to …

“Word Up!” By Korn.  I do like this track but the dogs in the video are a little freaky.  Can’t help but think there is a modelling conversion to be had here chaps!   


This week TIM has been watching …

“Line of Duty”.  With the new series due out soon I thought I would binge the first five series.  Whilst each series has its own story line there is a thread that runs throughout.  Am currently on series four which featured Thandie Newton.  A seriously great drama in my opinion.



Remember …

Money cannot buy happiness but it sure can make misery easier to live with.



22 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 91)

  1. I really like that Knight a nice simple paintjob but I think it really suits it.

    My five dinner guests would be…

    Alice Cooper (I bet he’s got some great stories to tell)
    Tim Vine (My favourite comedian)
    Tom Baker (Well you have to have one Dr Who there, so why not the best!)
    Christina Trevanion (My “Bargain Hunt”, daytime crush!)
    Mellissa McCarthy (Love her, but I’d have to ask her what the hell she was thinking with Ghostbusters!)

    Strangely Amanda Holden nearly my list last week!!

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Roger. As you say simple but it works to clear the back log. Only a few more to go and then I will move on. Like the shout for Alice Cooper and share your love of Tim Vine one liners. The thing with Amanda Holden is the woman must have the dirtiest laugh on TV and radio, I had to invite her just for that! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great looking figure TIM.
    The biggest problem with bullying at the moment is how it’s dealt with, if you defend yourself, you are punished just as much as the bully, so makes it easier for them to bully ! The cyber bullying is getting to a point that it’s out of control, a 9 year old has tried bullying a child through a parents account, but nothing is done by the authorities or the parent of the bully ! We need tougher punishments for bullies.
    For the 5
    Jon Faverou, Fluffy, Jeff Dunham, Chad Kroeger, and Pink

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad you like the figure Dave, I have a few more to do just to clear my pile and then I can move on once again. Bullying is an evil made all the worse by social media and the evolving world. As you say, heads you win tails you lose. Despite being a victim in my day I’d rather have grown then than now. On so many issues, bullying being one, so much more could be done but isn’t. So frustrating! Off to check out who Fluffy is! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Great figure, I really like the red. As a head teacher (principal) I have to deal with this from time to time. Any school that says they don’t have bullying is at best deluded or at worst not facing up to it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cheers Steve. Yes given your role I’m sure you see more than your fair share. It is horrible and I wish it could go away but alas I fear it will remain. Social media has made matters worse but I just hope the kids are tough enough to deal with it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice mini! 🙂 Word Up is a classic – I hadn’t heard this version, so I’ve still never heard a cover version that I didn’t like (check out the versions by Gun and The BossHoss – I’d imagine the latter will appeal to you), but I still like Cameo’s original best! And I have no idea who some of these people on the lists of five are, so I maybe need to get out more!

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  5. I suspect we all have that moment where we dig through the unpainted pile full of determination to defeat it, only to get a proper look at our adversary and give in to our inner squeaking, cat-fearing, cheese munching rodent! Still, each one painted is another victory and you’ve done a cracking job on the knight.

    On the subject of bullying I think a lot of the time people are overly sensitive. Of course violence and persistent aggression is horrid, and of course it can and does go too far. I wouldn’t want my own child to be bullied and I think I’d hit the roof if they were (and probably have to restrain myself from taking vengeance on a thuggish 8-year old!). However I don’t think it’s something that can be stopped altogether and I suspect that trying to wouldn’t be a good thing. I was reading about a long term study carried out on children in Norway (I think?!). The kids in coastal communities tended to have big brothers in the navy and so were exposed to more exotic diseases and spent a greater part of the childhood sick than kids who grew up inland. However as a result once they were adults they had stronger immune systems and were better able to fight off illnesses. I think a bit of bullying is like that, the world is a nasty place and without a bit of toughening up I think people do end up being overly fragile, with no idea what’s genuinely nasty and what can just be shrugged off.
    I think it goes both ways actually, affecting both the victims and the perpetrators. When I was a kid I was big and strong for my age but also into nerdy hobbies (no surprises there right!). So I got picked on, and I picked on other people in turn. Honestly getting a bollocking off the teachers for taking things too far, or feeling guilty for hurting someone weaker than I was, were just as important to teaching me how to be an adult as getting picked on. Without that you end up, as now, with people on the one hand who have a nervous breakdown when someone uses the wrong pronoun or whatever and on the other hand people who think that if someone doesn’t agree with them they should make a death threat. Neither is able to put themselves in the other person’s shoes or accept responsibility for their own actions and emotions.

    As for the dinner party, I’d love to see those 5 sitting round a table (better yet with the 5 from last week as well – that would make for some very interesting conversations!). However I can’t help but notice a few small errors with your list. You seem to have forgotten to include a politician but you’ve got two comedians (Lee Mack and Boris Johnson) and two TV personalities (Amanda Holden and Boris Johnson). Still sounds like it has the makings of a memorable night though! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think what makes the pile of shame all the shameful is that most of the figures in it are ones I once craved before they were replaced by ones I craved more!

      You’ve done it again. You see that is a great comment on bullying and really sums up my feelings on the subject far better. Very interesting analogy regarding Norway and makes perfect sense. Somethings, bullying being one I think, will never go away but one way or another they shape us into the human being we are.

      I forgot to add that when I do eventually get arohndto sorting out the dinner party I’ll add you to the list, I’ve no doubt it will add to the evening. 🙂

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  6. Always great to see another knight painted up and I wish I could offer better advice on the backlog situation, but its something I really try to keep under control. I give away or donate stuff that I buy and no longer want to paint as a way to keep mine under control. Fortunately, I don’t buy stuff I don’t want to paint in the very near future so that seems to help but I think I’m pretty rare in our hobby for doing that.

    Lee Mack is welcome to attend dinner at Chateau Kuribo anyday. I think he is hilarious.

    In terms of bullying, I could write an essay on this as I was going to write a novel on it as part of my grad school study. I was bullied some as a kid and it was a very difficult year or so of my life. I think the scars it left on my psyche took a really long time to be undone and it left me lacking in confidence well into my 20’s sadly. Now with that said, I think bullying is complicated and very difficult to solve. Bullying was simpler for your generation and even mine but now, with phones and social media, it is almost impossible to get away from it, if bullies are cruel and determined enough to use those tools. You’d think you can just turn off social media but if you knew people were saying the most vile things about you on there all that time, how could you? Obviously, you can get swamped with texts and calls and whatnot too on a phone and it is harder to turn a phone off completely these days as well. I think what I’m getting at it is the worst cases, the bullying can be 24/7 for weeks at a time and I think that makes kids feel like it is inescapable and that often leads to suicide which is the greatest tragedy that could occur. I don’t think schools are equipped to handle situations like that when they occur (the bullying can occur outside of school as much as inside, for example) and I think parents can be just as helpless as kids have to go to school and changing schools is a lot of work and takes financial resources.

    On the flip side, I think some efforts to try and discourage bullying have been silly to be kind. Not every child is a winner and is smart and talented in all things. Being positive is great but being realistic and figuring out your strengths and maximizing those is much better. I think sometimes these things are well-intentioned and people hope they’ll help with bullying and self-confidence but being told your special while being harrassed by your peers incessantly is not going to do a whole lot.

    That is my take on the topic and I would say that it is an interesting and sad thing to look into, especially in the worst cases in the US anyway.

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    1. It is dreadful to be on the receiving end for sure and I think you are right, it was easier in my day. Technology has a lot to answer for and of course it offers a remoteness which enables anyone to be a keyboard warrior. In my day bullying was largely face to face which did provide an opportunity to confront and to switch off once you were away from the bullies. It is a very difficult subject and we ask a lot of our teachers. Again, back in my day a parent would often go visit the trouble makers home, hence the “my dad is bigger than your dad”. Sometimes this did some good, sometimes not. Overall I enjoyed my school days but alas some hated it and couldn’t wait to leave. Such a difficult subject with sadly very serious consequences for some as you say.

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  7. Nice looking Knight. I know you’ve mentioned Hasslefree and Knuckleduster many a time, but I really should buy a mini or two from there and see. This one looks close in size to the Frostrgrave line, though appearances are always deceiving.

    Your mention of sorting through the Bits got me a bit puzzled. Were you planning to get rid of minis you haven’t (and probably wouldn’t have) painted? My mind then wandered off to ‘where do those minis go’? I then imagined people shipping boxes of ‘unwanted minis’ to different members of the community to have a go at.

    I don’t know, like probably all of us modelers, I get this sharp pain in my chest when I start thinking about all those minis I have tucked in drawers, boxes, etc. that are NOT getting painted. And at this point, probably will NEVER get painted. Unless modern science makes it so I can live to the age of 500… I’ve definitely reached the stage where I start to question new purchases, and whimsical ‘Well, this mini looks cool!’ purchases really have to be scrutinized more closely. “Am I going to actually paint that thing? Will I ever use it in a game? Do I have other unpainted minis already that would serve the same purpose in game?”. And alas, I really need to do a cleanup and inventory of what I do have. My organization system has gone to the birds as of late. Probably because of work overload, followed by wanting to tackle too much hobby stuff at once.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be fair there are plenty of excellent manufactures but I guess we all have our favourites but some like Hasslefree and Knuckleduster I just love. That said one persons meat is another person’s gravy! I think if someone could come up with a great solution to solve model stashes, lead piles and what to do with completed models no longer required after we have departed this earth then we would all be grateful. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mine has been Otherworld Miniatures so far, but they cost a pretty penny especially when shipping overseas. So it’s kind of my once in awhile ‘splurge’ item. Yea, I can perfectly understand how some companies make stuff that really appeals to us. 🙂

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