“Karl Drax” – Zombie Bounty Hunter

I have no idea if there will be Bounty Hunters in the Apocalypse but this Hasslefree figure gives off the vibe of being one I think.  Evolution being what it is I can imagine Zombies becoming organised with leaders popping up here and there.  This being the case human survivors would surely put a price on the heads of such zombies, but what would that price be?  Money would have little value, food maybe?  Karl just strikes me as someone who would do it just for the pleasure!

Karl Drax is another excellent 28mm Hasslefree sculpt and if it is based on anyone then I really haven’t a clue who it is.  If anyone has any ideas then please let me know.

As to the figure itself I liked the irony of giving him a freehand Peace T-Shirt.



27 thoughts on ““Karl Drax” – Zombie Bounty Hunter

  1. Great looking piece, TIM. Not sure if it’d supposed to be someone specific but knowing Hasslefree I’d say there’s about a 50% chance at least… love the freehand as well!

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  2. Looks great, and yes – vaguely familiar, although I can’t place where from. Some film buff will undoubtedly know. As for what they pay him with I reckon it’s protein shakes and gym membership!

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  3. Oh Shit mate so much to catch up on while still trying to get the modelling shed set up so just I wont comment as you know I always think your work is f>>> great! HA Ha !!You can blame my lack of Blog checking on you Blog son ! I spend to much time catching up with his podcasts and tend to neglect really interesting folk!! HA HA HA !

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    1. No rush Pat, you take your time catching up, unpacking and getting organised comes first. Besides you can then get on painting yourself. 🙂 Enjoy IRO’s podcasts. Last I read you were up to number 13 so you have a longggggg way to go!

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      1. Generally I only tend to do it on areas of flesh. I just feel it brings it all together. I guess there is a right way and a wrong way of doing such things but being self taught I just go with what seems to look OK to me.

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  4. The freehand really adds to this guy and of course, you have to love the irony of his shirt. I’m with others in that sculpt looks familiar but I can’t place who Hasslefree based him off of. Either way, its a great post-apocalypse vibe and you don’t want this guy to have your number or bounty, whatever the case may be!

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