TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 94)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


This weeks miniature is another knight double act and sees the end of my Footsore backlog of foot knights.  I have a couple of mounted ones in the pile to do but these are going to be neglected for a little while longer until I can muster up the right level of enthusiasm for them.  In all fairness I do love knights and bizarrely am now contemplating buying some more!  Footsore under their Barons War range have recently issued some new figures and I am tempted to buy and paint more.  Ideally I’d like to create a couple of small dioramas and if I can come up with the right ideas and right figures for them then I will take the plunge.  Not entirely sure why I lost the love for these ones but I suspect it has more to do with the number of ideas I have floating around right now.  Anyway, images below.  Next week something different but quite what I haven’t a clue right now.



Well It Made Me Laugh



The Wednesday Whinge

Now at the risk of upsetting someone this week (never my intention I can assure you) I thought I would touch on the subject of Gender Neutral. Truth be told I’m not sure I really understand it but it appears to have become a thing of late, a trend, a fad.  It’s fashionable.  Well so it seems to me.  Highlighted recently in the world of awards where it seems there has been a move from the two categories of Best Actor (Male) and Best Actress (Female) to the single category Best Actor (Gender Neutral).  I’m OK with that although I really don’t see the need for the two sexes to compete.  It strikes me that only one person can now have success instead of two.  Perhaps it’s to save the money on an award?  The thing is who are the minority driving this agenda, why are the masses taking note and where does this trend end?  Does the Worlds Strongest Man and Worlds Strongest Women become the Worlds Strongest Human and if it does how long then before someone moans because men keeping winning?  That’s not a sexist statement by the way just the reality that men are physically stronger than women and until man evolves further it will remain that way.

For me life is a simple affair.  If you have a willy you are male, if you don’t you are female.  If nature got it wrong and you want to swap genitalia then fine.  Only the individual knows best and it must be pretty tough being trapped in the wrong body.  For me the French have it right with their saying “Vive la difference”.  If someone wants to consider themselves Gender Neutral then fine, as long as they aren’t going out killing people then so be it.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get the hang of it so doubtless jail beckons for me in my dotage for the heinous crime of failing to be politically correct.  However, when Mr Potato Head has been rebranded Potato Head to avoid a backlash and comply with political correctness the world has truly gone bloody mad.


Give Me Five

This week I decided to evaluate my top five obscure inventions.  Those little unsung things which we take for granted but play a significant part in our lives and which we couldn’t do without.  I’m not talking cars, planes, computers or anything like that, just the little things.  You’ll get the idea.  In no particular order:

  1. The Battery
  2. The Calendar
  3. The Clock/Watch
  4. The Mirror
  5. The Tape Measure


This week TIM has been listening to …

“Should I Stay or Should I Go” by the Clash.   A classic track and probably one of the best groups of their era and genre.


This week TIM has been watching …

“Crash”.  This film came out in 2004 and even won three Oscars including best picture.  Quite how it managed that I will never know.  I can only assume everything else which came out that year was crap.  Some decent acting from a decent cast but I just didn’t get it.  Probably me.



Remember …

Sometimes the first step to forgiveness is understanding the other person is a complete idiot.



36 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 94)

  1. Great looking knights TIM, a diorama with some knights would be very cool.
    If they’re grouping awards together, I hope that means they get payed equally as well ! That is the biggest thing we need is equality, everyone gets treated the same, if you do the same job you get the same pay, lets not get stuck worrying about labels and get to the root of the problem !
    5 things
    The forge, insulation, telephone, irrigation, and greenstuff

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  2. I love your Knights, as said above a Diorama featuring them would be great!

    When my youngest started University he had to fill out a registration form and one of the questions was “What is your sexual orientation”? apparently there were about TWENTY choices! The lad sat next to him asked him afterwards what he put for that, Matty replied “Straight, why what did you put?”, believe it or not he replied “Other”. What the hell is going on!!!

    Five inventions….

    Remote control Televisions
    Toilet paper
    Bicycle saddles
    Dog poo bags

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Well at least I am not the only one who doesn’t get it Roger. Each to their own as they say and I’m sure getting older does nothing to help my understanding but it does all seem a bit weird to me. Interesting list too. Can I read anything into the initial Covid toilet paper shortage and yourself?! 😉l


  3. I love the movie Crash. Don Cheatle is a brilliant actor. Love the knights mate and would love to see a dio. When it comes to gender it’s like the colour spectrum. You get black on one end and white on the other and a myriad of different colours between. Simple. If someone wants me to call them Daisy but they were born David so be it. If someone else wants me to refer to them as “they” so be it. No skin off my teeth. My five: Camera. Cordless drill. Bottle opener haha. Whipper snipper and scissors

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    1. We don’t often disagree son but in this instance you’re dad is right! 😂😂 Glad you enjoyed Crash but it didn’t do anything for me. Like you it doesn’t bother me a jot what people chose to call themselves or if they physically change their gender but how can you be “neutral”? You can say you are for sure but what public toilets do you use for example and how would a women feel if a “guy” turns up at a women only swim session? The list goes on. It’s all bollocks I tell you … or maybe it isn’t? 😉 Bottle opener, priceless! 🙂

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      1. I have a bottle opener on my key ring hehe. I guess we can only guess what it must feel like not to belong to any particular gender. To feel lost, confused and yep not even knowing what public toilet to use.

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      2. Seriously I think it must be very hard on these people, there but for the grace of God go I springs to mind. My concern, such as any of it really matters to me, is twofold. Firstly I think some people are being trendy and thus influencing impressionable and vulnerable kids. Secondly, how does society deal with the practical issues? You know when you are getting old when life becomes to complicated! 🙂

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      3. Hehe yeah I dunno man. I just think it’s good that it’s out in the open because it wasn’t long ago that people couldn’t even come out as gay. Here in Australia homosexuality was illegal up until the 80s. That’s insane to me. It’s a mixed up world mate but I think we are heading in the right direction with all that stuff. I think the cancel culture is a problem though. I think you need to have a good old moan about that haha.

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  4. More importantly to PC-wokeness is when we allowed gaol to be replaced by jail? Scandalous. I really have no problem with what people do or call themselves as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else – but I do think if men-who-are-now-women are entering women’s only areas (such as women’s sport for example) that creates a massive problem, as you say. But what would I know I’m just a privileged white male so I’m yesterday’s man and no-one cares what I think! 😉

    As for the inventions, toilet paper as someone lese mentioned is one of those things where you think, “Well, what did they do before!?” – it shouldn’t be overlooked. I would say everyday plastic (bottles, cling film, food packaging, &c.) has been a massive change to how we live our lives, even if it’s not a groundbreaking invention like flight, or the microchip. Just think about how the everyday way we do almost everything would change without it. It will be very hard to get rid of it, as environmental concerns demand that we eventually must.

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  5. Like you I have no problem with what people choose to call themselves or if they elect to change gender but when it comes to the practical side then surely you cannot be neutral, they have to be one or the other? A gender neutral guy using a ladies toilet or attending a women only swim session ain’t going to go down well! I just don’t get it but as a white male, and an old one at that, then no-one cares what I think either.

    On inventions toilet paper and every day plastic are significant for sure. I just found it interesting in my sad world of lockdown thinking about all the little things like that which have had an impact on our lives. The list goes on ….

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  6. Let’s start with the elephant in the room – the Wednesday Winge. The trouble is, I tend to wonder about things and ask questions – and even though I just want everyone to be happy, safe and treated with dignity and respect I’ve already been accused of being a “neo-nazi bigot” who should be “put in jail” just for asking about the practical applications of making everything gender neutral. Aaand with new legislation meaning I really could get the jail for things I say online, I’m going to be very bloody careful about everything I say from now on! 

    Should someone who was born in a male body compete against women in sports, even if doing so risks causing women serious injury? Should teenage boys and girls be forced to use the same toilets at school? Should someone who was born male and committed serious sexual assaults on women be housed in a women’s prison (without undergoing any surgery) simply because they say that would make them feel more comfortable? Obviously my answer to all these questions is a resounding “yes” – we’re trying to build a better and more inclusive society here and anyone who thinks that these things might do more harm than good should be sent to the re-education camps!

    Anyway,  moving swiftly on! As for the rest, the knight is excellent, the Clash are amazing and my top unsung inventions would have to include knives, forks and spoons, wooly hats, cups, footwear and paintbrushes. 

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    1. I do love our online exchanges I must say. Firstly let me echo your desire for everyone to be treated with dignity and respect and for them to be happy and safe too. The days when people like Alan Turring were treated the way they were truly belong in the past. For me therefore the issues aren’t about acceptance; each to their own and all that.

      What concerns me are 1) how much is this a trend leading to even greater confusion for kids of an impressionable age etc?; 2) the practical side (e.g. it wouldn’t bother me if a woman came to a men only swim, even if they did exist, but I fear this is a bigger issue for women to accept?); 3) being able to discuss the matter to further understanding without being branded a Neo-Nazi bigot; 4) the threat of legal action preventing freedom of speech. All in all I just don’t think people think this stuff through and I worry that society has well and truly lost its way. Add into the mix that I am a grumpy old bastard who sees the world getting unnecessary complicated and you have a recipe for a whinge! Keep it simple stupid has never been so relevant it seems to me.

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    2. Love it, Wudu!
      Unfortunately, we live in a very reactive society and it won’t be until someone (let’s face it, it’ll be a scumbag of a bloke) who gets their way in one of the above scenarios does harm before the backlash hits and some of the overly-woke ideas get kicked back a tad by, you know, the reality of actual reality as opposed to bubble idealism.

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      1. Cheers mate. Sadly all those things have already happened and plenty of harm has already been done. :-/ Unfortunately if you mention that you just get threatened and branded as “hateful” – which is a lie of course, I don’t hate these people and I don’t want harm to come to them, but I am very aware of the fact that by bullying women and children they’re not winning themselves as many friends as I think they imagine. Hopefully you’re right and they – and the politicians they’ve captured – are soon to discover that how things work on Twitter and how they work out here in meatspace are radically different things, and the madness will get reigned in without too many people getting hurt. I try to stay optimistic – if only because no-one likes a pessimist! – but some days it’s not particularly easy…

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  7. Always great to see another knight and I look forward to some mounted ones in the near future as well when you feel up to it of course. I echo what others have said about The Clash. They are a punk band that transcend the genre and appeal to many people which is always a great thing in my book. Most of the punk bands I’ve grown up liking aren’t able to do that to the genre’s detriment I’d say!

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  8. Brill Dave ! I have to agree with the lads above ! .
    on another note I was wondering about purchasing one of your prices of art , i only ask as one of my pommy mates has shown some great intersect in one of your pieces, i feel it its the one that even I thought was great! I’m sure the one he is referring to is the one with three or four nights from the crusade coming home ! If you could check it out out and see if its still available he would love to purchase it .I’ m not sure how he will pay for it PayPAl ) but i said I’ll take the coin over to you as a special mission organized by the Imperial Rebel Ork!!! Alias ! the gardener !

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    1. Hi Pat,

      Other than individual knights these are the links below to the mini dioramas that I have done involving knights. These are really all in my collection but if it is of interests I’d be very willing to consider doing something for your mate. All the knights are from the Footsore, Barons War range and they have just brought out significant number of new figures. Well worth taking a look and I have included the link to them below as well.

      Let me know what your mate has in mind if he is interested. If it would help I could always paint up a single figure and ship it out to you so you/he can see what they are like in the flesh. The nice thing about single figures is they are easy to post and less likely to get damaged. The issue with dioramas, even little once, is they can be quite fragile and I would hate for them to arrive as multi-part!

      I’ll leave it with you but if it is easier just drop me an email via my contacts page. The TA will be able to help you with that if necessary! 😉




      Footsore link:


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      1. Cheers Dave I will talk to him about what you said , I didn’t think about sending a diorama 🤔of course it would be hazardous mowing how some of my packages arrive 😳. Thanks mate and I will get back to you soon🤓

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  9. Love the knights, as I said the other day. I’m looking at doing a few myself for some Crusades-era gaming at some point in the medium-near future, so it’s inspiring to see you doing these (so keep ’em up!)
    I make no secret of what I think of “Woke Warriors” in that I think the extreme left’s quest for purity causes more infighting and disfunction than help for the legitimate causes that are included in the amorphous mass. Woke Twitter is even worse, with an obsession with cancelling and deplatforming everything that doesn’t meet their definitions of purity. It’s boggling to see the UK bringing in some of the more mental side of this into law while also having a Tory government. I don’t even know how that works.
    On the other side of the coin, we have the extreme right, who work together with their enemies for a unified (and insane) goal. Like the right-wing Jews in the same insurrection as Camp Auchwitz guy. W.T.actual.F?
    So we have an inflexible and intolerant left who witch-hunts amongst its own that seems set on worrying about which toilet Eddie Izzard can go to while on the right we have (some) jews and Neo-Nazis and Fallout NPCs happily working together to overthrow governments based on a conspiracy about satanic cannibals.

    So anyway. 5 underappreciated inventions. Ones that haven’t been taken like Toilet Paper…

    The computer mouse.
    So many of my colleagues just use the stupid little touchpads from their laptops. Sure, they’re better at it than I am but the number of times I have to help them with thinngs that could easily be done with a mouse – I can’t use a PC with any dexterity without one…

    Citadel Lahmian Medium.
    I spend a lot of time painting, so fuggit, I’m adding this in. I know it’s just a form of acrylic medium, but it’s so much better than any of the artists’ mediums I’ve tried. I use it every time I paint, and I don’t know how I got along so long without it (even though I used other things). So it goes here.

    Bluetooth Speakers.
    I walk to work as often as I can for some light exercise. It’s not an especially short walk. It’d be boring as hell without music, and a small bluetooth speaker clipped to my shoulder means I can listen to music while not getting cleaned up by a motor vehicle nearly as easily as if I were wearing headphones.

    Daylight bulbs/LEDs.
    Especially with painting, but even outside of painting. White light instead of yellow? Yes please. LEDs that put out as much light as the old incendescents while using a lot less power? Sounds good!

    I’m old enough that I remember (and remember having to use) serial ports, printer ports, SCSI ports, IDE ports, mouse ports, tape drives, 5 1/2 floppies, 3 3/4 floppies, Zip & Jaz Drives….

    Have a great Easter, mate. And just remember, by the time the world goes *completely* batshit (as opposed to what we have now) you won’t have to worry about it anymore! 😉

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  10. More knights will follow for sure. I do recommend the Footsore Barons War range if they interest you. Concur with your thoughts on the Woke brigade. The world and certain countries are in dodgy positions it seems to me. As to your list, can’t argue against any of those at all mate. Have a great Easter too. 🙂


    1. I’ll start with Fireforge plastics, which have the decent advantage of already being in my house. I will need to pick up some metals for the leaders and heroes as well, though. Now to see who stocks the Footsore Barons War out of the AU-friendly-shipping places I tend to use..

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