Dio-Bolical Monday No: 19 – “The Wizard’s Tower” – Part 10

I have mentioned previously that I had to resolve a couple of problems.  Neither were major but they were unplanned. 

The first relates to the second turret which you can see in the image below.  The turret itself fixes to four wooden resin posts but unfortunately one of them was broken on arrival.  It was easy enough to fix but I had been contemplating removing the turret anyway because the wizard figure which I had planned to position there would not have been easily seen.  I took this as a sign and set about removing all four wooden posts and after a few minor adjustments you would never know they were meant to be there. 

All was fine until I then had the presence of mind to try the wizard figure out in position only to discover that it didn’t work!  The problem being that the height of the wall and the angle the wizard would be positioned at didn’t look right for what I had planned.  So now I had no turret and the need to determine where the wizard was going to go.


Knowing that the wizard would be positioned elsewhere I decided there needed to be some visual interest given no wizard and no turret.  Initially I had know idea what to do but later had the idea of a banner so I set about making one.   Using some Japanese writing paper and a couple of pieces of steel rod I got started.  The issue of design was also a problem.  I wanted something that felt medieval but also wizard like.  I settled on the idea of the star sign symbols, Leo, Libra, etc.  These only covered part of the banner so I then added a star at the bottom and then added a flag too.  Some photos below. 


The wizard has now been positioned down below on the rocks.  It will make more sense when you see the finished diorama but for now this is the only image you are getting! 


The plan this week was also to get the ballistrade added and painted.  I also wanted to get some more weathering done.  Mission accomplished.  



Now where do I go from here?

Time to work on the final figure.  Probably a couple of weeks work and then a final post of the completed diorama.


28 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 19 – “The Wizard’s Tower” – Part 10

    1. Always open to constructive comments Roger so don’t concern yourself on that score either now or in the future. As details go it’s a good point and one I hadn’t considered which is bloody annoying but I guess something was always going to be missed. I shall have another look at it later and if I can see a way to do it I will. My only concern now that it is in situ is buggering it up. It might have to live with it but we will see. 🙂🤔

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    1. Cheers Eric. Not everyone likes weathering but I’m a big fan, realism in miniature is how I try to see it. Glad you are enjoying the project. Its not far from the finishing line now and but I’m going to see what I can do about the banner, if anything, without messing up what I have done now it is in situ. 🙂

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  1. Excellent progress TIM, great save on the second tower with the banner, and agree with the esteemed gentlemen above about some movement in the banner. The weathering is excellent, was this done with your oils ?

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    1. Cheers Dave. I’ve taken on board the banner comments and will see what I can do. My concern now is that it is in situ and might not be easily addressed without buggering it up. It’s a valid detail and definitely one I have missed. As to the weathering it is a combination of mediums. I have used oils but also some acrylics here and there along with one or two inks. The deciding factor mainly being colour rather than medium. 🙂

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  2. Your work on the stones is fantastic here, is the wizard going to be teasing up a storm from the waves? I know I say this pretty much every update, but I can’t wait to see the finished piece in all its glory!

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  3. Cheers Steve. I fear the algae bloom was caused by Uric Acid. Despite all the wizards magic powers it seems beyond him to use such modern inventions as the guardrobe when there is a perfectly good window to hand! All part of the first world problems of the day and living in a tower with a lot of steps I expect. When you’ve gotta go … 😉🙂

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  4. Excellent progress again this week and you really tantalized us too. The project seems to be so close to completion and yet, I still don’t know exactly how its all going to turn out so I’m really excited to see this when it is done 😀

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