“Fall of Bel” – Ziggurat Miniatures

This figure came from North Star Miniatures and features under the Lucid Eye heading and is produced by Ziggurat.  The title for the figure is given as “LI-BEL – Fall of Bell”, make of that what you want.  The figure itself is 28mm and in my opinion is  a stunning sculpt and one which is most unusual.

Why unusual TIM I hear you cry.

Well, as you asked, it is a sculpt posed in a way which to my mind is far more 54mm scale or bigger and not a typical 28mm one.  By this what I mean is the sculpt is a miniature figure painters dream not a wargamers style of figure.  As I primarily consider myself a figure painter the pose of a miniature is what often attracts me the most and in 28mm figures the poses are far more often than not sculpted in an action stance.  Nothing wrong with that at all but any figure which isn’t is bound to catch my eye when it crosses my path.  Such was the situation here.  Unfortunately for me the Ziggurat figure range is pretty small and only a few of them have an appeal to me.  I do, however, have my eye on a couple of others including a variant of this figure which I will also purchase in due course.

I’m not entirely sure if this female figure is intended to be a Greek Hoplite but I have based my painting around the idea that she is.  Not a great deal to say about the paint job itself other than that the horse on the shield was embossed rather than freehand but the edging on the shield was freehand and took a while to do.  Every time I looked at it the pattern wasn’t as evenly spaced as I wanted so I was touching up constantly.  I’m sure it is still out in places but I eventually called it a day because I knew I would never ever be 100% satisfied with it.  That’s not to say I am not pleased with it because I am.

I went for a straight forward little bit of base work with just a splash of colour in the red flowers.  I think there is scope to set this figure on a really nice bit of base work so I may well do something with the variant when I purchase it.  I wont rule out doing this figure again at some point either.  The quality of it is superb (as are so many others I might add) and it is hard to believe that it is only 28mm so to prove it is I have included a perspective image too.



27 thoughts on ““Fall of Bel” – Ziggurat Miniatures

  1. Fantastic job mate, I love that shield edging – that really is a lovely touch! Those arms are pretty hefty – are you sure β€˜she’ isn’t meant to be a β€˜he’?

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    1. I had my doubts on the male/female too. Initially I thought Brad Pitt in Troy but in my mind couldn’t make sense of the title given to the figure. The “Bel” made me think female along with the hair but you are right about the arms. A quick google makes me now think “Bel” relates to a temple and the fall thereof but I’m no historian. Then again it could just be a guy in transition in which case either works?! πŸ™‚

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  2. Lovely model there TIM, I can understand why you where drawn to it. And that free hand pattern around the sheild is just great, very hard to do but you pulled it off, it looks same all around.
    I also think the simple base really helps actually.

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  3. Excellent work all around on this one! I really like the bright colors and intense gaze she has. She definitely looks the part of an elite warrior. Lucid Eye are a company that may get some business from me soon for gaming purposes but I may have to give all of their offerings a second look after seeing what you’ve done with this one πŸ™‚

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  4. If you had not said, I would have made the assumption that the figure was inspired by Colin Farrells Alexander with the long blonde hair, or even Brad Pitt’s Achilles rather than being female.

    As always this is superb work.

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  5. As Mark said Stunning mate,I know what millimetres are even though I was brought up with inches but It still staggers me how you paint such detail on these 28mm figures! you must have microscope eye HaHa! I would challenge anyone to spot any fault with the edging!

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      1. You are so right Dave! I ‘m always amazed at how they do such a great job ! I must look at getting a visor style one as I finding the rigid one a bit of a pain! oh I have had it for seven years so maybe its time to try some new technology!

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