The Unknown French Knight

As well as trying to get one of my Footsore knights done for my Wednesday post I also started work on another one with the aim of playing around a bit with heraldry which is a bit more challenging.  I decided to go with the black and white shown on the right of the second row in the image below.


Now the best I can gather is the geezer in question is a French knight but with all the will in the world I cannot decipher the name hence the title of today’s post.  If anyone has an idea please let me know and I’ll amend the title.  Even if you don’t know but come up with a creative or amusing name I might go with that instead!

As things turned out it wasn’t that tricky to paint after all which was good for moral but leaves me feeling I need to do something more the next time around.

In the meanwhile here are the images of the mysterious French night.



34 thoughts on “The Unknown French Knight

  1. I have no idea if this helps, but I posted the image of the black and white shield to the heraldry sub on Reddit and a couple of people there think the name is Riboulé.

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  2. Very nice work on the shield and it is cool to see a knight favoring darker colors after some of the previous ones you’ve painted. Maybe this bloke is more of the sneaking around type! 🙂

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  3. Once again – looking good. I like the fact that he’s a bit of an unknown quantity, he’s a foreigner, his name and heraldry unknown, and he’s clearly fallen on hard times (he owns no horse). It implies that there is a story here waiting to be told, and even if you never have the “real” answer that mystery in itself adds something to the character of the army.

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  4. Soldier, your weapon needs cleaning! Seriously, great job and the heraldry will keep you busy with freehand forever. Which is good for us btw, just love it. And Roger, remember I’m 3/16 French Canadian, so…

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  5. He looks great, and I kinda guessed which shield option you would chose when I saw the first image and before i got to the text. The only way I have ever tried to do the more complex designs is to purchase transfers, so I am looking forward to seeing how you tackle the more complex designs seeing your skill with a brush far eclipses mine.

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    1. Nothing wrong with transfers Anthony. Personally I’m just trying to push myself on paintng but it’s far more hit and miss than the end results show. I’d love to say everything goes smoothly from the start but alas it doesn’t. A lot more practice needed yet.


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