Dio-Bolical Monday No: 20 – “News Update No: 1”

After I completed my Wizard’s Tower diorama I announced that it was time for a break.  I think I also mentioned that I have a major storage headache to resolve before I can even consider undertaking anything new.  Well things have changed and I thought I would post an update on recent events which have led to this.

The first event of significance was the annual Table Top World Competition.  In all honesty I did not know they ran one, I only discovered this when l browsed their website yet again to drool over their exquisite buildings only to be hit by their home page advert.  After a little inner debate with myself I decided to take the plunge and enter the Wizard Tower.  Fortunately I never took the trouble to look at past competition entries before I did.  Had I done so I would never have entered.  Some of the dioramas which people have submitted to this annual competition are simply stunning but with a top prize of 500 euros to be won and spent in their shop it is hardly surprising the standard is so high.  Feeling somewhat embarrassed that I had now entered and not exactly put myself out to take better photos I decided to forget all about it.

Having done such a good job of forgetting about the competition it then came as quite a surprise to receive the following email from Ivan at Table Top World (the company is based in Croatia if you weren’t aware).


Hello David,

we have chosen your work as one of the few that we decided to grant a  30% voucher this year, since you where very close to entering the top 3!

Keep up the great work!

Here is your 30% coupon for our webshop.

Kind regards,
Tabletop World


Now the cynic in me immediately concluded that probably everyone who entered most likely got a similar email but then I decided to accept things on face value if for no other reason than it made me feel better.  More importantly, given how expensive their buildings are (and even more expensive now due to import duty having to be added now the UK has left the EU), there was no way I wasn’t going to use the voucher!  

Highly motivated to build a very large diorama (very large for me that is) I was determined to solve my storage problem, something which had been bugging me for some time.  I’ve known for  a while that our double garage held the key but it is well fitted out already and extremely tidy too so a quick win was never on the cards.  Then I had a light bulb moment!

My car and the family estate are both kept in the garage but She Who Must Be Obeyed keeps her car parked on the drive.  She does this because she drives our daughter to school on a daily basis (had it not been for lockdown my daughter would have passed her driving test and driven herself) and it is easier than opening the garage (yes you’re right, she is a lazy women!).  The thing is her little car is much shorter than the family one.  Short enough to enable me to buy and install a meter wide six foot high office style filing cupboard giving at least 5 meters of shelf space!

My daughter finishes school shortly and then has a four month break before hopefully heading off to university.   The thing is she wont need driving to school any more and therefore SWMBO can “keep her precious car” (that’s the selling line) in the garage instead of the estate! 

Brimming with confidence that I can sell this to SWMBO I have now placed an order for four Table Top World buildings and a few accessories that they do as well.  I suspect it will be several weeks before they arrive and I need to wait for my daughter to finish school before I can buy and install the filing cupboard, therefore nothing to do for now but wait.

I’ll issue further news updates in the weeks ahead but all being well a new diorama and an accompanying Dio-Bolical Monday series will start later in the year.  A series which will run far longer than anything previously so consider yourself warned. 🙂


PS – Although she doesn’t read my blog, which is just as well, Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter who is 18 today!



37 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 20 – “News Update No: 1”

  1. Firstly Happy Birthday to F-SWMBO (The F is for Future 😊) Secondly I really like the plan man. 5m’s of space is brilliant. Thirdly hmmm… no I think that’s it actually………

    Haha Noooo… Bloody well done on the submission win and YES it is a win in my book. A win for your confidence in your abilities and a win for your wallet. Congrats man. Well deserved too, although I think it should have been first place.

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  2. On first read, i have to admit I was a confused about what was stlred in the garage. Having just dealt with some upcoming “family estate” issues with an elderly in-law, I was leaning that way and wondering hiw much stuff you had stashed in tbe garage. Then I realized you might be talking about a type of car. Many of us speaking English, with barely a common language betseen us!

    Congrats in the voucher! I have drooles over thwir offerings for some time, and have yet to take the plunge.

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  3. Well done on the win (a win is a win right). They do get some downright stunning pieces entered there, I was just looking through their gallery and the quality is jaw dropping. Still, the fact that you weren’t placed higher can only be explained one way – someone else must have bribed the judge.

    Good thinking on opening up more storage space, although I think you might be missing a trick. You say your daughter is heading off to university soon – which sounds to me like an extra room is about to become available in your house. Plenty of storage space for more dioramas (don’t laugh – I came home one year to find my room full of bits of my dad’s motorbike…).

    Oh and very happy birthday to SWMBO-junior!

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    1. Well I guess it is a win of sorts but more than happy with the discount. The work some people are capable of simply blows my mind. I so wish I was a good many years younger but hey ho! The only problem using the kids rooms is that in a few years time SWMBO and I will probably think of downsizing. In the short term brilliant but later on a headache bigger than I have now! Right now if I can get the cupboard I’ll be dead chuffed… or just dead! 😉

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  4. Congratulations on the recognition of all the work that went into the Wizard’s Tower, and 30% discount is nothing to be sniffed at.
    Look forward to seeing what develops from your purchase.
    As for the plan, can only see one wrinkle SWMBO, but if you spin it so she thinks it’s her idea, in with a shot I’d say.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter

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  5. Congratulations on the voucher! Do you have pictures of the wizard tower? Also I’d love to see photos of the new storage solution when it gets up. I love seeing how people do things like that.

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    1. Thank you. If you click on the “Wizard’s Tower” in the first line of the post it will take you to the final post of the project and plenty of pictures. Alternatively go to “Dio-Bolical Monday” in the menu and see all the posts on the build. 🙂 Will put storage photos up but won’t be until later in the year though. 🙂

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  6. I’d definitely consider that a win! 30% off is nothing to say no to too. I know Tabletop World attracts hobbyists who really value their quality so I’m not surprised to hear there were a lot of strong entries. That would make me all the more proud to be a “finalist”.

    As far as the plans go, they sound both creative, dastardly, and practical all at once 😀 I fully support them and I hope you’re successful too 🙂 I do agree with John that the fairer sex can be very unpredictable so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you in the meantime.

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  7. Well, I’d have voted for it and what the hell, it’s free money anyways. Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter and congrats on the new space. I’m thinking you need to find a cheap apartment to rent or build a hobby house in your garden – and free up all the space in the house for SWMBO. Though I’m sure that idea has the buoyancy of lead!!!

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  8. Congrats on your daughters milestone, and for coming up with a solution to your storage woes, I never seem to be able to settle on a single storage/display solution, so I am looking forward to seeing what you decided on and how it will look.

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  9. Wow!! mate well done you old cynic, only you would see it that way!! great prize though ,very handy. You mentioned that you might be downsizing in the future, better start preparing now mate! We bought a house of similar size along with ashed and after getting rid of so much stuff I find the new house is crammed!! For the life of me I cant work out what happened !
    I can only imagine someone lied about clearing stuff out!!

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      1. I recon you have hit the nail on the head mate as there is only the two of us now and it was only the other day I went to the linen closet and it was fuller than the one back in the city!!!!

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