Diorama Lite – “Billy Joe, Zombie Hunter” (Part 2 – Final)

Following on from last week I got the remaining base work done.  Essentially this amounted to ground painting and dry brushing, a little bit of vegetation and a made up sign reading “GAS”.  The real effort went into painting “Billy Joe”, a very nice sculpt from Reaper.

The figure lent itself to some freehand so I figured I’d do as much as I could.  The check shirt took a little while but seemed appropriate as did the “BJ” on his hat.  A heart tattoo on his left arm seemed touching and and the jug needed a label which was hard to actually photograph.  I also added a symbol to his bib which was meant to look like a planet with rings around it but it is so bloody small! 

All in all I am happy to end on this one for Diorama Lite.  I am confident more will return later in the year, I have the figures and plenty of ideas just not the time.  That will all change come the Autumn.  The weather will change and along with the shorter daylight days I will be forced back indoors with time on my hands.  Until then, or unless there is a change in circumstances, I shall be continuing with my Baron’s War project and posting on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.  I suspect occasionally figures from a different genre may appear as the need in me grows to paint something different for a change.  I also need to give some thought to how I will eventually display my Baron’s War figures 🤔.

Images of “Billy Joe” below.




31 thoughts on “Diorama Lite – “Billy Joe, Zombie Hunter” (Part 2 – Final)

  1. Great looking Diolight TIM, the freehand work is excellent and adds a whole extra level to the miniature. Can fully understand the dropping one post a week due to time constraints

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    1. Cheers Dave. The plan such as there is one is to start a very big (big for me) diorama later in the year, one to see me through the winter months. Thinking about it I might put up a post next week with more details. Right now though there just aren’t enough hours in the day! With all the Baron’s War figures I have to do the good thing is I don’t have to think much, just paint the next figure, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep that going. 🤞

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  2. Lovely work on Billy, the shirt in particular is a superb bit of freehand and something I’d never even think of attempting 🙂 I also like how you got the transparent look on his moonshine jug.

    The diorama as a whole is a triumph, the way you’ve placed the elements and the painting makes it look really organic. Nicely done!

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      1. I think it could be a fairy simple battlefield with some dips and muddy patches in the landscape here and there. You might need to paint a few casualties as well though. I think you’d have a bit of fun deciding on placement of each figure. Some duelling etc.

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  3. I was hoping that he would be suitably redneck and you did not disappoint. The denim looks great and so does the jug! This is a great note to end this on for now as this is one of my favorite Lite Dioramas you’ve done yet 😀 I do have a serious question, do rednecks exist across the pond? It seems like such a distinctly American thing to me. I have family members who fit this category well so I know the redneck/hillbilly lifestyle much better than I would like!

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    1. Glad you like the little dio. It’s the last for now but more will follow for sure. I have the figures but not the time right now. As a a term I’d say Rednecks is very American. As for the mentality of the Redneck I’d say its global. We certainly have our share in the UK. 🙂

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      1. I thought as much. After all, we know what continent white Americans came from originally! 🙂 I hope to meet the UK equivalent when I get the chance to visit. Any good areas to look for UK-rednecks? I’ve already got scenic locations like Stoke and Millwall planned for my next trip 😉

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      1. And here I thought if I moved to Australia or England, I could get away from them. Maybe the sunny weather would help offset the Bogans 🙂 It certainly is warmer in Oz than in Chicago most days!

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