Sir John De Belloows

To be honest, looking at the name for number seven below I really can’t make it out.  Is it John De Belloows?  Well whether it is or not that’s what my latest knight in my Footsore Baron’s War army is called.

There are several designs here that I like, and some may well show up on future miniatures and posts, but the first time I looked at this chart I was attracted to number seven and thought I’d give it a go.


I wouldn’t describe my depiction as spot on but as a first freehand attempt of this design I’ll settle for it.  I may do it again at some point but with so many design options I rather like the idea of each knight being different.

Time ran out for me this week so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, specifically a group shot of what I have done to date.  Unfortunately the next few weeks look like I will be up to my eyes and I may even struggle to get much painting done so for now I’ve just added that task to my list!

Is it just me or was life in lockdown so much easier?

Images of Sir John below.



36 thoughts on “Sir John De Belloows

  1. The shield looks excellent, your freehand is impressive. Belloows…a possible derivative of bellows, maybe he was a long winded fellow, happy to hear himself talk.

    Lockdown was much easier. While I missed being able to meet up with people, with the invitations to socialise now become a little overwhelming, I do miss the easy “excuse” to stay home and “just do my own thing”.

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