Dio-Bolical Monday No: 21 – “News Update No: 2”

Several weeks ago in “News Update No: 1” I mentioned that I had placed an order for some more Table Top World buildings for a diorama that I aim to start building later in the year.  The plan for the diorama is far from detailed at the moment and, as I previously mentioned, I also have a significant storage issue to address first.  The purpose of this brief post is just to say the Table Top World buildings have now arrived all the way from Croatia and I thought I’d share with you what I bought.  Before that though two other things worthy of mention.

Firstly, the packing of these models was fantastic.  Inside the big box, pictured below, was three smaller cardboard boxes each containing a share of the kits which were in turn all wrapped in newspaper with even more packing around them.  No chance whatsoever that these would be damaged in transit unless the box was literally crushed.  I mention this only in case any of you ever decide to buy any of these kits.  If you do then you can, based on my experience, buy with confidence.


Secondly, having paid for the order online I was expecting to pay additional costs due to Brexit.  I had anticipated paying the best part of £80.00 or more in respect of VAT, Customs Duty and Courier costs.  My experience in the UK is you get notified you have a parcel and if you want it you can only have it when you stump up the costs.  I was therefore taken by surprise when the parcel just turned up.  Nothing more to pay!  Yipee!  Did I just get lucky or was I wrong to expect additional costs in the first place?  In truth I neither know nor care!

So, what models did I buy?

Well I bought a Cottage, a Blacksmith’s Forge, a Watermill and a Stable.

The following images are all care of the Table Top World website.





The quality of these kits is simply amazing and I am looking forward to painting them later on in the year as I really want this to be a project that will see me through the winter months.  I’m also going to need plenty of time to work out just what I plan to do.  As things currently stand I have a few ideas but they will evolve, or not as the case me be, when I start playing around with them.  I also need to decide if I will use all four building in the one diroma or only two or three.  Thinking about it all and doing more research will be fun but before I can get to carried away I now need to concentrate on my storage problem.  More on that in a future post.


25 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 21 – “News Update No: 2”

  1. those are really nice, have you thought of doing two dioramas, that could then match up together to make a bigger one, you could perhaps make later ones that attach again, like little snapshots of a village that join to make a bigger picture? just an idea.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Actually Roger that’s something I’ve given a great deal of thought to. I will make two seperate dioramas from these building I expect, well that’s my thinking for now. The main diroama will be stand alone and I’ll explain more as to why in a future update post but at some point I’d like to produce a gaming board (a very big diorama really as I don’t game) and have been looking at tile systems. One for the future when I sort my storage issue out! 🙂

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  2. All of these look awesome and will turn out well in your capable hands but that watermill is going to be a real showstopper, I think. I’m looking forward to seeing your diorama ideas come to fruition! 🙂

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  3. Bloody hell mate you have a bit of work to do!! you have to love these fine buildings, and here is me thinking how the hell am I going to paint the four tiny pillars I just purchased!!!

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    1. I’m very much looking forward to doing these. The kits are so well made they are a joy to paint. Still playing around with ideas in my head but this is my Autumn/Winter project so for now it’s all about painting my army figures.

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  4. It may of finished now but they were running a Kickstarter for a graveyard not too long ago. I mention it as the barn was in their previous KS and you can make some good savings. I do think their buildings really are the best in the market so really looking forward to seeing what you do with them

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