Dio-Bolical Monday No: 22 – “News Update No: 3”

My last update was written in June – “News Update No: 2” and since then I have achieved my primary storage objective.  Specifically, I have managed to find a safe storage method for all the models and figures that were on temporary view in the below display case in order to leave it now empty.

My storage issue was bigger than this alone but until I could clear out the display case I didn’t have a hope or prayer of contemplating getting started on the diorama I have planned.  With the UK summer behind me it is now time to give serious consideration to what I would like to do.

In my previous update I mentioned how I had purchased some more fantastic buildings from Tabletop World.  I’m not sure all four of them will feature in this diorama, I suspect one will be used in something else, but now that I can play around with the base I can begin to work out just what I might do.  I have a vague idea because that’s what I based my purchase on but, as I think we have all experienced, it’s only when playing around with the bits and bobs that you really get a sense of what is possible.

The basic concept of the diorama I have in mind is a rustic medieval scene featuring three of the buildings – Watermill, Stable, Blacksmiths – and various figures from the Footsore Baron’s War third kickstarter when they become available to buy later this year.  As a working title the diorama will, for now, be called “Death and Taxes” but I expect that to change.  In fact the whole concept might change if I’m being honest.

So where do I go from here?  Good question.

The aim at some point in the next month or so is to reintroduce “Dio-Bolical Monday” posts and chart my progress as I embarck on a diorama which will takes weeks if not months to complete.  At the same time I aim to juggle my normal Wednesday and Saturday posts too so I suspect my “Dio-Bolical Monday” posts will not feature every week as my gut feeling is this is a tall order when I consider what else I have going on.  Much will also depend on the weather.  The more I am confined to being indoors the more I’ll get done but She Who Must Be Obeyed also has decorating plans for me and of course before we know it Christmas will be upon us.

I could make quite an extensive list of potential distractions but essentially progress will be what it is.  That said I am excited to be able to at least think that I can get things underway.  There is a fair bit of planning to do and more purchases to be made as and when I can identify the items I need to buy.  I’ll make some bits where I can but have no plans to reinvent the wheel, if I can buy it then this time around I probably will.

Hopefully my next “Dio-Bolical Monday” post will be the commencement of the project but quite when then will be is anybodies guess right now.


15 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 22 – “News Update No: 3”

  1. Looking forward to this, Dave! 🙂 But for those of us who can only handle a limited amount of excitement at one time, could you not manage to postpone this until Mark’s garage is finished? 😉 That would also give you more time to get some mounted knights painted as well!

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    1. Thanks John, I am too, just need life to settle a bit so I can give the attention to it that is required. With so much going on at the moment there is a good chance you won’t be over whelmed by excitement any time soon you will be relieved to hear! Mounted knights, yes I must get on with those too! 🙂

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  2. Your old display was quite impressive or at least I think so. With that said, I’m even more excited to see what the new case is going to have in it. Based on what you’ve shared, it sounds like you’ve got an ambitious project in mind which will be fun to watch in the coming days.

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  3. I’m with you all the way mate, things can certainly change!! I purchased three building for about 78 Quid but they had to be made so it took over a month which was fine I thought. I painted the figures, but that’s when it went bad and I got into the Rogers Rangers mode, one I always wanted to do. when the buildings turned up looking really grand I realized there was a problem, Oh bugger I had lost the desire to go through with it, all packed away.
    It happens as I’m sure we all know, but I’ll be keeping fingers and toes crossed you mate!!

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